FW Hanabi: "The meta favors teams who stay on the offensive. I think that's why we're on a roll"

On the 3rd game of the 2018 MSI Group Stage Day 3, Flash Wolves defeated Kingzone DragonX for their 5th win of the tournament -- remaining undefeated.

Starting from as early as the picks and bans, FW stayed on the offensive. With a stellar performance from Hanabi on the toplane with Yasuo, FW was able to keep Khan down, allowing Moojin to take advantages all throughout the map. Eventually, with the snowball that had collected massively in size, FW pushed for the victory.

After the series, Hanabi was invited for an interview with Sjokz.

Photo Source: Riot Games

Hanabi, it's your first international season, and you picked Yasuo! Why did you take that champion, and how well do you think you played?

When we made the pick, the coach wanted me to play with my chin up during the laning phase. And yes, Yasuo is a counter to Gnar, but the champion itself was also a great pick for our team.

You guys are undefeated in the tournament so far. What makes FW the best team in the tournament so far?

With our straight wins, it gave us a good confidence boost. The game helped us get loose, allowing us to play more aggressively and fearlessly. The meta also favors teams who stay on the offensive, and I think that's why we're on a roll.

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    level 1 Genryou

    "The meta favors teams who stay on the offensive"

    A lot of teams don't understand that, sadly.

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