FNC Broxah on Caps: "We complement each other. I'm more stable and consistent while Caps is a bit more crazy"


Photo Source: Riot Games

On the second match of the 2018 MSI Group Stage Day 3, Fnatic took down the VCS champions for their third win of the tournament.

Although the game had taken off in the favor of FNC, EVS started a large snowball through the toplane and constantly kept the Europeans champions on their toes. However, although Stark's Camille did a great job in massively delaying the game through well-calculated split pushing, FNC remained calm and waited until Caps can singlehandedly kill the troublesome Camille. As EVS' splitpushing strategy fell off, FNC simply pushed for the win.

After the series, Broxah was invited for an interview with Sjokz.

This game ended up being very tricky. Why did it become like that? 

Obviously, coming into this game, we knew that we were the favorites, and thought the game would go easy for us. However, early in the game, sOAZ decided to TP bot to get the botlane ahead, but that put him considerably behind. So Camille started snowballing and she became hard for us to deal with. Eventually, Caps became strong enough to 1 vs 1 her, and that kind of saved us in the end.

How do you see your role in elevating Caps this tournament?

Although we had our ups and downs during the regional league, I think Caps and I are a really strong duo right now. Currently, we're in a really good spot, complementing each other. I have been more stable and consistent, while Caps is a bit more of a crazy, play-making, and a bit inconsistent guy. We're making a good balance.

Warzone isn't afraid of anyone because he can do a thousand push-ups. Can you do that too?

I can do a lot of push-ups, but I don't think I can do a thousand. Not even close.

Your next game is against RNG. How is your mentality going into this one?

Our first game against them, we literally won the game... after pushing the base, we ended up trying to bait but had we backed, we would've won. We got too greedy and lost. After that game, we were disappointed, of course, but that also means that going into the next game, we know that we're good enough to beat them.

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