RNG Uzi: "We are very confident that we can beat Kingzone when we play our best "


At the end of the second day of MSI, Uzi took the time to talk with us about RNG’s problems at MSI and their match against Flash wolves.

DrPuppet - How does it feel to finally have reached your goal to win an LPL title and representing China at MSI?

Uzi - It is a really happy moment to be finally able to win the spring title and hold an LPL title in my hands. I’ve been playing and working towards it for so long, so I’m really happy. As for MSI I really want to keep my momentum going and play like we played as a team at the LPL and compete at MSI.

Over the years you evolved from being the talented and mechanically skilled AD carry to a role model not only for your teammates but also other younger players. How much do you think your evolution as a player played a role in you finally winning the LPL title and also for the success of RNG as a whole?

My evolution as a player is really important to me, I played in so many finals and many bo5 and in the past, I lost many of them. So I was constantly evolving and learning step by step until I reached the goal of winning the title. So it is definitely an important part of my success.

What happened against Flash Wolves? The team started well in the early game, when Zoe got stronger the team started to struggle a lot in the game, so what happened?

Our draft was very difficult to play against Flash Wolves draft in that game, especially against the poke champions. It makes it really hard to fight them and it forces us to do a lot of fast decisions. Since many of that decision were wrong it also made us lose our momentum.

Is RNG having a hard time to adapt to the metagame played at MSI?

Definitely, I don’t think I understand the meta enough and we didn’t have much time to prepare for this meta. So we are having a little problem to prepare our pick and ban phase.

On Monday you are going to play Kingzone, how is the team feeling about facing them again, is everyone still confident that RNG can beat Kingzone? Can you even share anything from the preparation?

We didn’t play as well as we could have in the first match, so we are very confident that we can beat Kingzone when we play our best. As far as the preparation goes I cannot share anything.

Any message to the international fans?

Thanks to all the fans support throughout all those years and there have been so many of them, I’m really grateful for all this support.

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