KZ Khan said about the match against with Fnatic : "I did a mistake in a 3v3 fight, so if I didn’t do that, we could have also won the game."

Straight from the top lane directly to our interview booth. Considered the best top laner in the world, Kingzone's top laner, Khan found the time to give us an interview and talk about their loss against Fnatic and bringing out the Illaoi against EVOs.


DrPuppet - How did you guys decide to play the Sion mid lane against Fnatic?

Khan- This was actually a pocket pick that we had prepared against any team that we would play against and I think due to a lot of small mistakes we lost the big picture and weren’t able to play what we planned.

Coming back to the early game where Peanut struggled against Broxah, do you think it was draft related or as you already mentioned due to individual mistakes?

The first reason was that we got invaded at level 1. Zac is still a good champion in the early game and we had a good composition. I would still say it was based on our own small mistakes in the early game.

Were you also surprised about the Corki pick?

Since we picked the Sion I think we still had the advantage and once again our problem was another small mistake. Sion had lost his flash and got ganked.

Kingzone seemed to struggle a lot against Fnatic in the mid-game this game. Was Fnatic better prepared or did they just snowball out of control?

In a match like this between two strong teams even a big mistake can lead to a big disaster, I don’t really think there was a huge disparity between our performances. We had aswell a lot of chances to turn everything around and get back to the game. However, because of the mistakes, we ended up losing. We should focus on not doing those mistakes twice to have a better game.

How was it to face Bwipo in the top lane?

 I don’t really know how to evaluate my opponent this game. I also did a mistake in a 3v3 fight, so if I didn’t do that mistake, we could have also won the game. Maybe next time I can have an easier time.

What was the idea behind the Illaoi pick against Evos this game?

It is just a good pick again Ornn.

Still the team struggled against Evos during the mid-game until Kingzone scaled Evos out. What happened?

I can’t say our team composition was really good to team fight against Evos, but we could fight. At least we could respond properly and split push. And I was in charge of splitpushing. So when Ornn was level 1 he didn’t join us and it was good for me but not for the others. So I just did what I had to do.

Any words to your international fans?

 Thank you to all my international fans. So keep cheering not only for us but also for all the other teams at MSI, we are all working really hard. We do love feedback from you but rather than criticising consider cheering for us. So once again thank you all very much for rooting for Kingzone.

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