KZ Peanut: "We made too many mistakes... we should go back and have feedback to have better performance in the upcoming matches."

In Game 4 of the MSI 2018 Group Stage Day 2 match between EVOS Esports (EVS) and Kingzone DragonX (KZ), KZ succeeded to take another win (3-1). KZ gave up the first blood, but Khan came up with a counter kill with Illaoi on EVS Ornn when Warzone’s Taliyah ganked top lane.

EVS managed to maintain their lead in the game, but as Khan’s Illaoi scaled by split pushing, he was too strong for EVS. Whenever Khan participated in teamfights, EVS was busy trying to run away. After securing Baron, KZ was able to close the game.

After the game, KZ jungler, Peanut was interviewed.

▲ Image from LoLEsports Flickr.


Q. EVS is known to be really aggressive. How was it playing against them?

Indeed they were very aggressive. We were quite confused. We weren’t quite ourselves because it was after we lost to Fnatic. Even though we defeated EVS, there were too many mistakes. I think we should go back and have feedback to have better performance in the upcoming matches.


Q. Against Fnatic, you lost. It was your first loss in the tournament. What do you think went wrong in that game, and what are you working on?

(Laughs) Yes. We felt that a lot. This is Fnatic’s home. After losing, when we were unattaching our equipments from the computer, we watched them enjoying their victory with their fans. Watching that hurt. Next time, I really want to have revenge against them.

Q. You have the experience of winning MSI last year. Do you feel the responsibility to be the leader of KZ to lead them to the championship?

There’s not that much pressure. If I do win two MSIs in a row, people will be saying ‘Peanut won two MSIs in a row. That’s great!’ but there’s no pressure for me. It’s just something that I want to achieve.

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