FW Betty: "Against Uzi, I’ll try to do my best, but he’s really strong."

In game 3 of the MSI 2018 Group stage Day 2, Flash Wolves (FW) defeated Team Liquid (TL) with ease. After TL lost twice in Day 1, they announced that Joey will be starting at support instead of Olleh in today’s matches. However, Joey wasn’t able to stop TL’s losing streak. Pobelter picked Yasuo and tried to make a difference but FW’s performance was simply better.

After the match, FW ADC Betty was interviewed.

▲ Image from Riot Games Twitch Channel

Q. You’re undefeated. How do you think you’re doing?

Last time I did poorly at Worlds. One of the most fatal flaws was that we were afraid to start teamfights, especially me. After last time we tried to focus on that so this time we go after teamfights whenever we see the chance we decided to go in aggressively and keep an eye on my CS and performing well too.

Q. You were quite underrated among the ADCs of the world. How do you feel proving yourself as one of the best ADCs of the tournament?

Out of the teams we beat, there are some ADCs that are said to be the top 4 in the world. So I think that makes me a contender.

Q. Are you ready to beat Uzi?

Against Uzi, I’ll try to do my best, but he’s really strong.

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