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FNC Caps: "A lot of teams had taken lead against Kingzone but wasn’t able to snowball.... But we were able to pull it off"


In the first match of MSI 2018 Group stage Day 2, Fnatic (FNC) defeated Kingzone DragonX (KZ) and surprised the fans around the world.

FNC started with a first blood during the invade phase and snowballed continuously until KZ was finally defeated. This match’s MVP was mid laner Caps without a doubt. He played Corki and continued to gain advantage from the early game to become the main damage dealer of FNC. As a result, FNC succeeded to take down the dinosaur of the LOL pro scene and take their first victory in the competition.

After the match, Caps was interviewed.

▲ Image from Riot Games Twitch Channel

Q. What does it mean to you to not only get your first win at MSI but to do it over Kingzone?

It means so much. I think going to the tournament, scrims were going so well except against Kingzone. I always had a lot of respect for Bdd. Compared to all the other mid laners, I think he is so much stronger. It means so much that we were able to pull it off. I think we had a lot of meta issues, and even this game, Corki vs Sion isn’t that good of a matchup and Corki isn’t really in the meta. So I just think we need to work on what picks we pick. I think our play is good.

Q. Do you think it was the best decision to go with comfortable picks like Tristana for Rekkles and Corki for you, did that help?

I had a really good plan. I actually thought about this last night in bed, on how to win against Kingzone. Usually what happen, if we invade the top side, they go to take Blue. So we faked that we were invading and they went to the blue so we ended up killing Xayah.

Q. It seemed like that you’re really prepared. Do you think you’ve now found your form and will go on?

I think our play was good. A lot of teams had taken lead against Kingzone but wasn’t able to snowball. That’s why we were so stressed out in this game today. We didn’t want to throw our lead. But we were able to pull it off and I think that proves we are a strong team. Both this game and yesterday we had meta problems. As soon as we get set, and if we were to make the playoffs, we would be a very strong contender.

Q. You can go 2-0 today. All you have to do is beat TL. What are your thoughts?

I heard that Joey is playing support today. So we kind have an insider, with Youngbuck. (Laughs) I think the game will be ours.


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