EVS Warzone: "I can do a thousand pushups. I don't think any other pro gamer can do that. I'm not afraid of anyone."

On the 4th match of the 2018 MSI Group Stage Day 1, EVOS Esports defeated TeamLiquid.

EVS started a snowball through the solo-kill that Stark had scored against Impact. Soon after, by keeping up their unique aggressive playstyle, EVS kept their speed to try and choke out the NA champions. EVS continued to apply pressure on TL, and although TL had won a massive teamfight in the botlane -- creating the hope of a comeback -- EVS remained calm and closed out the game through a final decisive fight near TL's midlane inhibitor.

Image Source: Riot Games

Congratulations Warzone! What does it mean to you for having defeated TeamLiquid for your first MSI win?

Before the match, we imagined the game to be very tough. But it ended up being much easier in-game.

You talked about GBM before playing against SUP, and you now had some choice words against the other midlaners in the tournament, is that a part of the mental warfare before you go into your matches against your opponents?

In my head, I put myself above everyone else. I can do a thousand pushups. I don't think any other professional gamer can do a thousand pushups. I'm not afraid of anyone.

Your next opponents for tomorrow is RNG and Kingzone, which are probably two of the toughest opponent in the tournament. What are you expecting tomorrow?

We can beat RNG, but Kingzone, I'll probably lose.

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