FW SwordArt: "I was worried that Moojin and Hanabi would get too nervous since they're still young."

For the second game of 2018 MSI Group Stage Day 1, FW clashed against EVS.

Although this match featured the two teams who have advanced from the Play-In Stage, the skill gap between the two teams was highly noticeable. Throughout the match, after having realized that EVS is highly dependent on their jungler, FW acted upon that knowledge and made sure EVS was punished for it. Moojin, the jungler that took over Karsa's spot for this season, displayed stellar individual and team performance, leading his team to victory. In addition, the support player that has always been regarded one o the best in the role, SwordArt, landed all the important binds in all the important moments.

After the interview, SwordArt was invited for an interview with Sjokz.

Congratulations! How did you guys prepare against EVS, a very aggressive team?

I think the credit goes to our coaches and analysts who have studied the other teams' strategies and champion pools. I think that's how we were able to come out on top.

You have two new players on the team, Hanabi and Moojin. What did these two players bring to the Flash Wolves lineup?

They are new young players and have very good mechanics -- with that, it allows us to play a different playstyle sometimes. I was worried, however, that they'd be too nervous since they're still young. But so far, they've done very well.

How is the team atmosphere?

If we keep on winning, I think the atmosphere will remain the same. If we lose, however, I'm not too sure...

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