Interview with Huni after his AMA: “I will try hard to play in MSI next year"

On May 4th, we held an AMA event with Huni, a top laner playing for Echo Fox.

There were so many questions from fans all over the world who wanted to ask Huni and show their support. With Huni’s return to the LCS, this AMA event was even more meaningful. Huni sends his thanks and commented that he found it very delightful as it was different from ordinary interviews.

The following is the short interview we had with Huni!


▶ AMA With Huni - Ask Anything and Win Free RP Gift Cards!



You just finished your AMA with your worldwide fans. How did you feel about today’s AMA?

I saw that fans from different countries left questions for me. It was so great and fun since there were many questions unlike other ordinary interviews, and I think I can do better next time I get to do an AMA.

If you were to pick a question that left a strong impression, which would it be?

Well, there were so many questions so it’s kind of hard to remember… What I found peculiar was that especially NA fans thought I was playing in the MSI (Laughs). They weren’t fans from other regions but NA, so… Next time, I’ll try harder so that I can actually receive all those “good luck”s they left for me.


▲ Um… I won’t be playing in the MSI, but I’ll try harder (Laughs).


We heard that you came to South Korea for vacation after the Spring Split. How are you spending your vacation?

It’s been 3 weeks since I arrived. I went to Pusan with my friends for a trip and spent time with my family, and now it has come to the time for me to practice. I feel a little bit sorry.

It’s been a long time since you returned to the NA LCS. It’s been almost two seasons; how did the LCS NA change? Or is it just as before?

It was quite different. it has turned fairly systematic, and the whole of NA esports seem to have grown and turned more stable. And there are much franchising, too… It seems it has become better for players.

In order to get better results in future splits, what do you think Echo Fox needs?

I don’t know how things will turn out but I hope the top laner becomes a little bit more aggressive. Everyone is coming to South Korea to boot camp, and I think there will be training to improve the skills during this.

We heard that Echo Fox will be boot camping in South Korea soon. What will you be focusing on during your stay in Korea?


I think everyone will focus on improving personal skills by playing in solo ranked games on the Korean server. However, it’s better to do it more relaxed while eating delicious food instead of going at it as if we were training Spartan style for the boot camp schedule. Even if we try so hard right now, the meta or the environment could change by a whole lot once the Summer Split starts so it would be better to practice while having moderate rest at the same time.

Lastly, any words for the fans supporting you?

Thank you all for leaving me so many questions today and I will try hard to play in MSI next year (Laughs); I will try so that it will truly be “enjoy your nice MSI trip” next year. Thank you so much for your support and I’ll make sure we win in the Summer Split so we can play in Worlds.

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