[KR Reactions] SUP vs EVS: "YiJin is insane... I thought I was seeing Levi"


■ Game 1

▷The Vietnamese teams play in a unique way... Both GAM and EVS are very good in guerrilla tactics.
└ Both teams have their strength in guerrilla.
└ They've beaten the US by using guerrilla tactics...
└ Is that why the US lost the Vietnam war? Lol, they are winning with guerilla alone, not giving the enemy a chance to 5 vs 5.

▷ Stark has very good mechanics. The teleport usage could've been better, but overall, if anyone is to receive MVP, it's Camille.
└ Last year, he was a master Gragas player.
└ I agree.
└ His weakness is that he has a shallow champion pool. I wonder how he'll do on other champions.

▷I see SnowFlower suffering... If only Gangplank had played a bit safer.
└ The difference in the skill of the toplaners... GG.
└ Gangplank is done for. And the Aery Vlad also seem to have failed.
└└ It's true that Unsealed Spellbook Vlad is better, but I don't think that would've changed the outcome of the game. 
└ Gangplank vs. Ezreal on who can throw harder.
└ Vietnam played well, but Turkey is really holding SnowFlower back. It was still the best game of MSI so far.

▷The jungle and toplane difference is too big. SUP has the better botlane, but EVS' botlane isn't too bad either. 
└ EVS' ADC is pretty bad, but their support is fine.
└ Ezreal was showing the highest level of troll.
└ Taric played really well.
└ Turkey actually lacks good junglers... also, Stomaged is probably SUP's weakest link, while on the contrary, VN's jungler is the team's ace player. 
└ I feel that Turkey will lose because of the top and jungle differences.

■ Game 2

└ KingFlower, BigFlower, LightFlower.
└  Securing two kills in the toplane early on really affected the game. Afterward, GBM really shook up the enemy team. It was amazing when he secured the kill on Caitlyn after diving in. 

▷Viktor did basically nothing, despite having scaled pretty well into the late game... bad champion.
└ His presence was absolutely zero.
└ W-R-E-Q-AA! If you can land all of this on someone, it's a kill... but it's hard.
└ That's why we don't see him in tournaments.
└ All he did was take kills.
└ He played like this during the last game too. He does good in the laning phase, but has no impact on the game.
└ Because GBM kept diving in, Viktor had no time to DPS.

▷This is basically the midlane fight: Vladimir(Putin) vs. Viktor(Ahn)

└ That's a fight that Viktor can't win.
└ Is that why Viktor lost?

▷Seeing Kai'Sa rush in reminded me of Bang... When Kai'Sa is fed, she loses her identity of being an ADC and just goes ham. It's kind of cool.
└ It reminds me of PraY more. You don't remember him playing her 4 times in a row?
└└ When Kai'Sa first made her appearance in the LCK, she scored a triple-kill despite having to fight through Braum's shield. Of course, it's going to leave an impression...
└ └ Bang fighting 3 vs. 1 with Kai'Sa was really something.
└ └ His teammates screamed in comm, "ditch him!" But he simply 1vs3'd.

■ Game 3

▷???: "GBM's Vladimir is really lame."

└ Lmao.
└ It's like Faker's Vladimir.
└ Trying to persuade without being persuasive.
└ Faker's winrate with Vlad in the LCK is 25% lmao.
└ GBM is good on Vlad? Faker is good on Vlad?

▷ I want to defend GBM... but I'll remain silent because I've never seen a midlaner single-handedly throw a game this hard.
└ I've never seen someone just give away 2 kills for free.
└└ He actually scored a solo-kill early on...
└└ He was great in teamfights during game 2... what happened to him?
└ He should've just died alone, but he took Trundle with him.
└└ Trundle has gone dry, and the toplaner also died to a dive. The only surviving lane is botlane.

▷ How bad do you have to be for the caster to say, "stop trying to make a play. Just stand still and get carried."?
└ I can't believe that was said lmao.

▷I feel so bad for GBM lol. If he had just played even, he wouldn't have gotten this much flak. He finished game 1 without a single death, and he did really good in game 2... but he threw hard as hell in game 3.
└ He really did. Playing badly is understandable but to this extent? No.
└ He needs to be criticized. If his coach has character, he'd cuss GBM out.
└ He threw very impactfully. He literally just smashed his head right into the enemy team.
└ He should've stopped trying to dive when he failed the first time.

▷Warzone sensei's batting eye.jpg

└ LOL.
└ GBM is perfect for Diamond 2!

▷It's a bad thing to blame one person for a team's loss, but this is just too much. I don't know if it's because of the early solo-kill that gave him the confidence, but GBM's two dives were just too much for SUP to recover from. I feel pity for the team's ADC for having to play in such a bad condition. Even the casters commented that GBM didn't shine, not once.
└ The difference in junglers was big too.
└└ If your midlaner throws that hard, there's really nothing that a jungler can do.
└└ Midlane was just insanity, and sure, the junglers had a bit of skill difference. 
└ If that Vlad was in my solo queue game, I'd tell him to stop throwing.

■ Post-Match Discussion

▷Vietnam is on fire! They're really good.
└ Wow! I have really underestimated Vietnam. I don't know how they'll do in the future, but they definitely deserve this victory.

▷In an interview not too far back, GBM showed a lot of confidence. I'm disappointed that he played like this today. The enemy team is from a bigger region, so he shouldn't have underestimated them like that. I think he came to his senses in game 4 when he picked Karma, but it was too late. GBM was more than 20% of the reason why Turkey was eliminated.

▷YiJin is insane... I thought I was seeing Levi. I think Vietnam deserves a Group Stage seed.
└ The match was so fun to watch. That Graves was fear itself lol.
└ They funneled most of the CS to the jungler and in some situations, even gave kills over to the jungler lmao.
└ He might be better than Levi.

▷The impressive thing about Vietnam is that they have no imports. It's not a region that depends on imports to keep the league competitive like Turkey or Japan. The only two leagues that have zero imports are Vietnam and Korea.
└ Does LMS have imports?
└└ Stitch and Deul.
└└ There are only a few teams that have zero Koreans...
└└ FW's jungler is Korean, too.
└  Isn't League extremely popular in Vietnam? That might be why they have so many talents.

▷Wouldn't it be better to take GBM's import slot for a new jungler? I don't think it'd make too big of a difference really. In my opinion, the jungler needs to be changed ASAP. 
└ I agree.
└ Turkey's jungler is lackluster, and GBM isn't doing too well as an import.
└ Turkey doesn't have too many midlane talents though, right? Most teams used Korean midlaners.

▷Maybe, it's just that SuperMassive was overrated? EVS was really ahead of them in every aspect. Why did ESPN rate them so highly? Some analysts even predicted that they'd "easily advance to Groups."
└ Maybe it's because SUP played extremely well during the Play-In Group Stage?
└ They were really ahead of every other team back in Turkey.
└ I was expecting a lot from them because it's a currently a meta that allows botlane to carry. But the topside of SUP was too... heavy.
└ It's because EVS' DPS players [midlaner/ADC] were really underrated. In addition, SUP had a really good macro in the past. But Warzone played really well today, and the entire team's macro was really good. I was also surprised that RonOP held his own against SnowFlower.
└ I'm pretty sure that the fact they have two Korean imports got them higher on the list.
└ They probably understood that Slay had many issues. If SUP wins botlane, and the midlane goes even, SUP would've had the advantage.
└└ This is correct. That's also what I predicted. But I was still off because EVS' jungler played a few times better than SUP's.
└└ I'm pretty sure that no one had predicted GBM to throw this hard.
└└ Until game 2, SUP's botlane was a lot stronger. But in games 3 and 4... it was too much for the botlane to do anything.

▷EVS was simply a step ahead of SUP. The Turkey team had a weak mentality - it showed in their plays, and even in terms of skill alone, I'm pretty sure that SUP would've lost 2-3. Both GAM and EVS have a very rough playstyle, so becoming the best in the world may be difficult for them. But it's truly amazing that they are able to play the game in their own style like this. They covered their botlane by outclassing the top, mid, and jungle. They veiled their weakness with their strength. 
└ Even if they're behind in macro, they have other ways to win the game.
└ Last year, I felt that everyone had a certain weakness, including Slay. But this year, I can't seem to find one, excluding Slay. Although they have a very rough playstyle, if you count the fact that they're the underdogs, EVS fits better for the Group Stage seed than SUP. Had GBM and Stomaged advance to Groups, I'm fairly certain that they wouldn't have won a single game.
└ I see less potential in this team than GAM. I think they only played well because they were playing against GBM. Against a top team from a major region, I think they would really struggle. It's hard for me to rate highly of the midlaner and ADC.

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