KZ Khan on the MSI: "I'm looking forward to go against Impact; he was my role model in the past."

Kingzone DragonX are aiming for their second trophy of the year: the Mid Season Invitational(MSI). We were able to meet the team before their flight to Berlin and hear their thoughts about the MSI. Kim “PraY” Jong-in was eager to win the trophy. “We were never satisfied about our performance in international tournaments. This time we want the trophy.” Han “Peanut” Wang-ho, the only player who have experienced the MSI, said that he was looking forward to meet his international fans.


Although the team thought that the performance gap between other regions decreased, they were still confident about winning the trophy. Coach Choi “supreme” Seung-min shared some of his thoughts. “I’ve been watching games from other leagues. I thought that the meta wasn’t too different. Our team also have some hidden picks and strategies, so we’re confident.” Coach Yeon “Sin” Hyeong-mo said that “I was coaching in China until last year. That’s why I’m well aware of their bans and picks.”


Below is the interview with Kingzone DragonX.


Q. What are your thoughts about the MSI? Are you confident?

Khan: We are representing the LCK. We’re going to show great performance in the MSI.


Peanut: I’m quite happy because this is my second consecutive MSI. If we show good performance, the fans will love it. That why we’ll do our best to claim the trophy.


Cuzz: The fact that we are representing the LCK is unbelievable. We did not do well in last year’s Worlds. We’re going to focus on reducing our mistakes and try to win the MSI.

Bdd: I’m looking forward to it because it feels that we are actually representing Korea.


PraY: It’s my first MSI, so I think it’s going to be fun. We are representing the LCK, so I do feel a slight burden.


GorillA: This is a great chance, so the only thought in my head is to perform well. I believe that we will be good because every one of us are well experienced.


Head coach ‘Hirai’: I’m happy but concerned at the same time. I don’t want us to lose.


Coach ‘supreme’: It’s my first time, so I’m excited and pressured. Champions of other leagues participate in the MSI. We’re going to do our best to win. I’ve been watching games from other leagues. The meta wasn’t too different. Our team also have some hidden picks and strategies, so we’re confident.


Coach ‘Sin’: I was coaching in China until last year. That’s why I’m well aware of their bans and picks.


Q. Your thoughts about the top laners participating in the MSI were quite a thing.

Khan: I didn’t mean it, but it became really popular.(laughter) A man is only as good as his words. I’m going to do my best.


Q. In this tournament, you will experience new matchups since some of the mid laners participating in the MSI are players that you’ve never went against before. Are you confident? Have you prepared a new pick?

Bdd: I’m always confident. In order to win, we have to be better as a team, so I’m not 100% sure. Well, I always have a new champion pick prepared.


Q. Do you feel pressured about winning the title? Did you give the players any advice about that?

Hirai: In order to get a good result, you have to overcome your pressure. I’m not trying to think of any other fancy advices. I’m trying to advice the players to have belief in themselves.


Q. Are you looking forward to any matchups? Which team would be a strong competitor?

Khan: Our first match is against Team Liquid. I’m looking forward to go against Jung “Impact” Eon-yeong; he was my role model in the past.


Peanut: I’m not sure. Things will be more clear once we scrim against other teams after arriving in Germany.


Cuzz: I personally think that the LPL teams have shown some great performance. That’s why I’m looking forward to meet RNG.


PraY: The champions of each regions are participating, so I think that every single team is strong. Chinese teams have shown some good performance in Worlds, so I’m thinking of RNG as the strongest competitor.


GorillA: I’m not trying to think about other teams. Focusing on our team’s performance is more important.


Hirai: The champions of each league are participating so every team will make a strong competitor. RNG, SuperMassive, Team Liquid, Fnatic… They are all good teams.


Sin: I’m thinking of China and North America. I’ve seen each finals. Team Liquid and RNG were really good. Actually, I think that the performance gap between regions are not that big compared to the past.


Q. Do you have any other things to say?

Peanut: My first international tournament took place in the States. I have a good memory about that tournament. This time, it’s Europe. I’m excited but concerned at the same time because I’m not sure whether the fans will show the same level of support compared to the States. Well, I’m really looking forward to visit Germany.


Cuzz: If I recieve the chance to perform, it means that the team really needs me. I’ll try my best to win every match I play in.


Bdd: If we can perform like we did in practice, the trophy will be ours.


PraY: I never had good memories in international tournaments. This time I want to be the champions.


Hirai: We are never going to let our guards down. We will try our utmost to get a good result. I would like to ask the fans for support. Thank you.

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