Rainbow 7 Whitelotus: "I simply hate it when I'm not playing good, I just feel bad"

The star AD Carry Matias “Whitelotus” Musso from Rainbow 7 didn’t have the best day at his comeback to professional play. Despite an overall decent performance after a three-month break due to a competitive ban, the ad carry shares his excitement to finally be able to play on stage again and his disappointed towards the first day of the play in group stage at the 2018 MSI in Berlin.

DrPuppet - How does it feel to play on stage after your split break?

Whitelotus - Especially during the first I was very nervous, in fact, I even had a hard time clicking so I missed a lot of CS. So I didn’t feel as well and even if we didn’t have a great showing today it felt good to play on stage again. Usually, I’m very calm and collected when playing on stage.

Are you feeling now? Do you feel that the weights have fallen off your shoulders?

We came here expecting to go 3:0 on the first day, despite we finding ourselves in our worst form as a team. We still felt that we would be the stronger team either way. Sadly I couldn’t practice when I was at home due to many internet problems. Adding up to that the team really only practiced here in Berlin due to all teams already being on vacation when I arrived in Mexico to prepare with the team. So the only teams that were practicing were 100Thieves and Team Liquid, which we didn’t get. So we only played SoloQ until we arrived here in Berlin. I actually was caught off guard, I wasn’t expecting to play MSI due to not being able to practice at home and was actually going to Mexico to prepare for the upcoming split to be in shape due to the ban. I simply hate it when I’m not playing good, even more, when I’m playing the international stage. I just feel bad about that.

One of the things that I noticed during the split was that since Zeicro subbed for the team, the team opted to play utility oriented carries and to run less the usual triple treat setup. Today you played two times Varus and one time Caitlyn, was the reason that you played Varus due to the team being used to it or is Varus good right now?

Of course, there were changes, we are investing a lot fewer resources into the bot lane and focusing to play around mid and jungle, but it wasn’t the reason entirely why we picked Varus. I think that Varus is a good pick in this meta especially with things like Caitlyn we can hold the lane against her and punish her push and so on. So I think he is really good at the moment, obviously, things changed and I was used to playing hyper carries and as you mentioned I’m also adapting due to the team playing the whole split with Zeicro.

As you become more comfortable will we see a Tristana pick or even your famous Vayne? Or will Varus and Caitlyn be your picks to go for this tournament?

Do to the results we will be thinking of adapting our picks, I’m thinking of playing Kai’sa or Xayah. We are definitely at least change our priorities during the draft phase.

Is there anything you want to say to your friends, fans and in general to all the people that have been awaiting you to be back on stage?

I want to thank everyone that supported me during the time that I wasn’t playing and kept cheering me up. I promise I will train like crazy after the tournament to be in a good shape for the next split. I will be going back to the gaming house instead to my home in Argentina, so I can focus on training. So I can ensure that we will be back stronger for the next international event.

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