Madlife on Commentating MSI: "I'll analyze the games from a professional gamer's point of view"

On the 5th of May, the renowned Madlife will be guest commentating the 3rd day of the MSI Play-In Stage for the Korean OGN broadcast.

In regards to his guest appearance on the show, Madlife stated, "I'm very happy that I'll be seeing my fans again, especially since it has been a while. This is my second time commentating, but this time around, the games that I'll be commentating on aren't as major as the one I had done before; so I think I won't be as pressured. I'll do my best."

Madlife also mentioned that he will focus on in-game strategy while casting. "Since the games that I'll be commentating on feature wildcard teams, we won't be too knowledgeable about them and their playstyle. Therefore, I'll watch the games and analyze it from a professional gamer's point of view to more accurately inform the viewers," he said.

And finally, Madlife added that he'll try his best to make the matches more entertaining. "Six games will be played per day, and it's a caster's duty to keep the level of entertainment at a good level for the viewers." 

During Madlife's commentator broadcast, he and CloudTemplar had great chemistry; they will be casting together once again, so fans are anticipating a great game. 

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