Griffin Viper on the LCK Summer Split: “I’m looking forward to go against PraY.”

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The LCK Promotion Match has always been a strenuous event for LoL pro gamers. However, once you seize the win, you get a precious chance to show off your talents in the LCK. This year, the very best of LoL Challengers Korea, Griffin, was the first team to get promoted to the LCK.


After ranking 1st in the Challengers Korea, a highly competitive match against MVP awaited. Griffin’s ADC Park “Viper” Do-hyeon used ‘Kai’Sa’ for 4 consecutive games, and showed remarkable performance throughout the match. Fans are already excited to see this talented ADC play in the 2018 LCK Summer split. After the match against MVP, we got the chance to meet the ‘LCK’ player Park “Viper” Do-hyeon.



Q. Today’s victory led Griffin to the 2018 LCK Summer split. How do you feel?

Although I thought we’d win, I’m still quite happy. I also feel like I can show something more for the fans.


Q. MVP dominated the first game. After the loss, what kind of feedback did you share with your teammates?

I didn’t get much feedback because it was mostly focused on mid lane and jungle. Probably our mid, Hyeong-seop, and our jungler, Seung-yong got a lot of feedback.


Q. There were some surprise picks such as Talon and Lucian. Were these picks prepared beforehand for today’s match?

Talon was a pick that was prepared yesterday. Lucian wasn’t a surprise pick for us, since we’ve been using him against Gangplank a lot. We’ve been practicing and picked him this match because things worked out.


Q. You used ‘Kai’Sa’ for 4 consecutive games and showed some great performance. However, teams and players are still discussing whether she is a good pick or not. What are your thoughts about ‘Kai’Sa’?

I personally think that she is an OP champion in solo que. In an official match, it’s mostly based on the pilot’s performance.


Q. ‘Kai’Sa’s item build differs from person to person. Today, you’ve mainly built ‘Death’s Dance’ for her item. What kind of items do you prefer?

‘Guinsoo’s Rageblade’ is my first priority. However, if the opponent bottom duo are aggressive or if the laning phase seems to last longer; I build ‘Death’s Dance’ first for lane sustain. But, everytime I use this build, I can’t erase the thought that ‘Guinsoo’s Rageblade’ would have been a better choice.


Q. Also, for her Keystone rune, some users tend to choose ‘Press the Attack’ or ‘Fleet Footwork’. Players’ rune preference differs as well. Do you have any standards when choosing your runes?

‘Fleet Footwork’ works well when you want to have some comfort in lane phase. On the other hand, ‘Press the Attack’ is effective in situations such as: when your bottom picks can safely farm up. It’s also good for late game teamfights.


Q. Now you’ll perform in the LCK Summer split. What are you most excited about?

The match against KZ (laughter). (Q. Are you looking forward to go against Kim “PraY” Jong-in?) Yes! I have to believe that I can win the matchup.


Q. Do you have anything to say to your teammates?

I’m really thankful that they’ve always believed in me… But, our Support, ‘Lehends’ sometimes dies too easily. If we can fix some of our mistakes, I think we can be a quality team. That’s why I’m planning to rely on them a little bit more and I’m thankful that we have the potential to be a good team.  


Q. Any last remarks for our readers?

I’m going to try to give my very best in the LCK. Thank you for your support!

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