AFs Kuro: "Drunken Smeb told me that he doesn't want to see PrillA winning the championship and that he hopes I win."

The 2018 LCK Spring Split Finals will soon be held in Busan on the 14th of April (KST), and Afreeca Freecs captain Lee “Kuro” Seo-haeng talked about how the finals will go while covering some stories of the old ROX team members.

On the mid lane clash against Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong, Kuro said “If the picks aren’t very advantageous for one person, the game will go like always.” He also asserted “I think our Kramer – TusiN bottom duo is better than PraY – GorillA. Those two will need to watch out for themselves.” He also picked Peanut as the most threatening player in Kingzone.

Kuro also spoke of Smeb and the old ROX teammates. According to Kuro, "All of KZ’s old ROX members (PraY, GorillA, Peanut) predicted that Smeb will reach the finals instead of me. I talked to Smeb over the phone, he was drunk while speaking with me saying, "I don’t want to see PrillA winning the championship." He told me that he hopes I win, and that he would hate to see Kingzone do well.” Kuro said that he’ll be giving Smeb a ticket to the finals if he were to come.

The upcoming LCK Finals will be a clash between defending champions, Kingzone DragonX (former Longzhu Gaming) and Afreeca Freecs, who leaped to the finals from the mid-rank. After seeing Kuro’s Yasuo against KT, many fans are wondering if he has anything up his sleeve for Bdd.

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