KZ Head Coach Hirai Predicts a 3-0 Score in Favor of KZ During the 2018 LCK Spring Finals

During the 2018 LCK Media Day, the two head coaches of the two finalist teams, Hirai and iloveoov exchanged words.

On the 10th, at the 2018 LCK Spring Finals Media Day, KZ's head coach Hirai, coach Choi, Bdd, GorillA, and Afreeca Freecs' head coach iloveoov, coach Comet, Kuro, and TusiN attended the event. As for the coaches, they asserted their determination for the upcoming match.

To begin, KZ's head coach Hirai acknowledged AFs' strengths while at the same time holding his ground that KZ will still certainly win. He continued, stating that he expected AFs to reach the Finals, but it meant little to him as KZ can and will defeat every other team in the LCK. "One thing I can tell you for sure is that we've grown even stronger," he said. 

In addition, Hirai mentioned, "I've had played the Finals at Busan about 5 times now -- I've never lost there before." He then predicted that KZ will win with a score of 3-0.

Head coach iloveoov wasn't discouraged one bit. After receiving the mic, he said, "When a new player hits the highest point in his career, how far he'll go while maintaining that position is most important. The same thing applies to an entire team." He predicted that AFs will win with a score of 3-2. "Trying to win fast and easily is a road to failure. Those kinds of thoughts will eventually get to us," he said.

Head coach iloveoov has experienced success during his time in the StarCraft 2 scene. Having reached the LCK Finals as a League of Legends coach, iloveoov stated, "Success as a LoL coach will prove that I'm a talented coach that isn't only limited to one esport, but can bring great results to whatever esports there are."

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