TL Steve Talks About Finally Breaking The 4th Place Meme.

After years of obstacles being thrown in Steve’s way, Steve has finally broken the curse.

Struggling ever since, Steve has been meme’d by both team owners and the community of never being able to win in League of Legends. Despite the incredible tough times Steve has been through, he was relentless for the title. Finally after a long awaited period, Steve has finally been able to achieve the title of ‘Champions’.


"It is just incredibly rewarding. Life just has so many obstacles. It just throws s*** at you all the time. You just get knocked down over and over. In the LMQ match when we were about to go to Worlds, we got 2-0’ed so that didn’t happen. It is just constant things that have happened that kind of deterred me. People started saying 'Hey, you guys can’t do it.'. Even when after we put this team together during the off-season and we struggled a bit during the mid-season, we were getting so much mockery from the community and owners. They would say 'Hey, you guys wasted the off-season.' or 'You guys are doing something you can’t accomplish even if you have spent a lot of money.'. This was kind of the meme. I think the only way to shut them all up was to win (laughs). That was really the determination. It feels great. It really has been these guys and the community supporting the team."

Steve goes on to further talk about having a banner in the LCS Studio and the 4th place meme.

Yeah as I said before, that ‘4th place' meme will continue to follow us (laughs). It will just be really nice to finally have our banner hanging in the North American Studio. We’re champions. We are f****** awesome.



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