KT Ucal on Playing Against Faker: "I wasn’t really nervous; I just wanted to see what I could do against him."

On the 4th of April (KST), kt Rolster defeated SKT T1 3-1. KT had a bad start giving up the first game, but as Go "Score" Dong-bin was subbed-in, they were able to turn the game around. Also, Son “Ucal” Woo-hyeon delivered very good performance. Ucal played Taliyah, Azir and Swain with good concentration, taking initiative over Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok at mid lane.

The following is the interview with Ucal.

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Q. How do you feel reaching the semifinals?

I’ve always wanted to defeat SKT in a big match like today. I’m happy that we did.

Q. You played against your role-model, Faker. Weren’t you nervous?

I wasn’t really nervous; I just wanted to see what I could do against him.

Q. The draft seemed to be more focused on mid lane and jungle. Is it because you practiced more in that pattern?

We thought that if we win the mid-jungle fights, the game would be easier. I think it went well because we played confidently, thinking we won’t ever lose.

Q. Your lane fights were impressive, and using your jungler was also impressive. Whose call was it?

More than 90% of the calls at mid lane is from me.

Q. Isn’t it difficult to make such calls because you’re a rookie?

I was able to plant trust in my teammates minds during practice so I was able to play more confidently. Also, the teammates and coaching staff also wanted me to play like that.

Q. Score became MVP three games in a row. Is there any games that you think you deserved MVP?

I’ll put in more effort so that I can get MVP. However, I did think I deserved MVP when I played Azir. (Laughs)

Q. It was your first Bo5 match. How is it different from the regular season?

It was tiring physically, and the draft was different. I’m alright because I knew it was going to be tiring.

Q. Now you’ll be meeting the mid laners of the teams that were ranked higher than KT in the regular season. Are you confident?

I want to win no matter what so that Score can become the champion. That’s my first goal as a pro gamer.

Q. Do you have any last comments regarding the semifinals?

Afreeca Freecs is a strong team, but since we’re the team that will become champions, we’ll easily defeat them and get to the finals.

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