KT Rush: "Even if my birthday is in two days, I’m old enough, and it isn’t even a holiday so I should be practicing anyway."

Finally, KT can forget about the nightmare called SKT. On the 4th of April (KST), in the LCK Spring Split Playoffs Round 1 match between kt Rolster (KT) and SKT T1 ended in KT’s victory 3-1. As of this match, KT has succeeded to reach the semi-finals against Afreeca Freecs.

In game 1, SKT was able to parry KT’s pressure and took the win. However, in game 2, Score was substituted instead of Rush and he was able to bother Blank from the early game. As KT took initiative of the jungle and mid lane, they were able to win games 2 and 3. Faker’s Swain wasn’t that impressive and as all the other lanes were in unfavorable situations, Bang wasn’t able to do much as well.

As SKT was one loss to being eliminated, they picked a more aggressive champion in the jungle for Blank: Kha’Zix. In the early game, SKT had initiative, but as Score succeeded to counter-gank several times, KT became more and more advantageous. Afterwards, SKT’s attacks were denied continuously with Shen’s ultimate and KT was able to take Baron. SKT tried to make a comeback but KT didn’t allow them and sealed their victory.

After the match, the players of KT were interviewed.


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Q. (To Smeb) You defeated SKT twice in the split and won again in the playoffs. How do you feel?

Smeb: Everyone’s quite exhausted because today’s match was difficult, but I’m very happy.

Q. (To Ucal) It seems that your name will be known worldwide after today’s match. Are you satisfied with your performance today?

Ucal: I’m satisfied with my performance.

Q. Many fans were worried because you don’t have any experience in Bo5.

Ucal: Since it’s my first time, I’m very tired. I think if we went to game 5, I would have been really worn out after the match ended.

Q. It seemed that you weren’t nervous at all. How was it?

Ucal: I think I really enjoyed the whole match.

Q. (To Score) You’ve received MVP three times in a row today. How do you feel?

Score: We seldom won against SKT in the playoffs, but I think everything will go well because we won all matches against SKT this split.

Q. The picks & bans and play was as if you were sniping SKT’s jungle. Was that intended?

Score: Our head coach thought we should put pressure on their jungle by banning three champions. The result was good.

Q. You had good synergy with Ucal.

Score: Ucal doesn’t get nervous and plays well which is something unique for a rookie.

Q. (Smeb) It seems like you have something to say to Ucal?

Smeb: He’s really reliable. It’s so good that he did well today.

Q. The other players covered up Smeb’s mistake today.

Smeb: I got carried comfortably because the other guys did well. (Laughs)

Q. You got away with Teleport but died in game 1. Weren’t you frustrated?

Smeb: Everyone was relieved because they thought I survived, but I was still worried because Tristana’s E was on top of my head. I didn’t die when E blew up, but an auto attack flew in and killed me.

Q. Many people thought that KT is advantageous in today’s match. How was it in the team?

Smeb: We were confident because we had good performance in the split, so we tried to maintain that confidence.

Q. (To Rush) Did you feel any pressure as a starting member?

Rush: Rather than pressure, I thought it was a good chance to show what I have because my teammates are very reliable but the result wasn’t good.

Q. It’s your birthday the day after tomorrow.

Rush: I didn’t realize that.

Q. It seems that you should be practicing on that day.

Rush: Even if my birthday is in two days, I’m old enough, and it isn’t even a holiday so I should be practicing anyway.

Q. You’ve been in the NA for a while, what’s different in the LCK?

Rush: It’s just good (Laughs).

Q. (To Deft) You won 3-1 today. How do you feel?

Deft: I’m not completely satisfied because I was solo-killed in the last game, but it’s better to win after being solo-killed than losing after having a solo-kill.

Q. (To Mata) How would you rate your teammates’ performance today?

Mata: Everyone did well and there were few mistakes. I was a bit nervous because I wasn’t doing that well, but I think that nervousness helped.

Q. Are you unsatisfied with your performance today?

Mata: We were advantageous in game 1 but we stumbled after I went WQ after flashing with Alistar. The situation wasn’t that dangerous but I wanted to protect Deft and I wasn’t able to see that I’ll die after wasting my skills.

Q. (To Deft) The team is telling you to stop dying.

Deft: Well, when I was focused, it was a situation where Smeb was coming so we were getting ready to fight, but it seemed like I was exposed and focused.

Q. The semi-final match is against Afreeca Freecs. You said that you wanted to meet the old members of ROX soon. Do you have anything to say to Kuro?

Smeb: Since I taught Kuro a lesson in the season, so I think he should know better by now. I want to play a fun match with them by doing my best. Also, the PrillA duo and Peanut is too arrogant now; I’ll get there and bring them down soon.

Q. Ucal is challenging a veteran as a rookie. Are you afraid?

Ucal: I’m not afraid at all; I’ll either be successful or failed.

Q. Do you have any last comments?

Score: Our performance became a lot better now. Since we were able to overcome our weakness against SKT, so we’ll do well in the next match too. I want to thank all the fans for their support and hope that they keep it up so that we can do better. Thank you.

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