TL Olleh: "Steve said he made Team Liquid to win and did not make the team just to place 2nd or 3rd."

Olleh has stated that he is planning to prepare for the finals thoroughly.

Beating Echo Fox 3:1 in the NA LCS stadium on the 31st, Team Liquid, Olleh’s team, has qualified for the finals in Miami. With his Tahm Kench, Olleh made an incredible contribution to his team’s win by actively roaming around the map. By informing us that the Miami finals are in fact his 4th NA finals, Olleh is confident he can prepare thoroughly and produce the best results for TL.

Below are Olleh’s interview responses.

¤ Congratulations on qualifying for the finals. I am curious on how you are feeling right now.

I was really stirred up in the game against C9. On top of the loud shotcalling, I did seem very nervous when I looked at the replay. This is why I told my coach that I will play more thorough in my upcoming games. In today’s game, I played the game calmly without even shouting. Thanks to this, I believe I was able to put more focus in my own plays.

Although I do feel good about making it to the finals, I’m trying my best not to get carried away. Steve had once told us that he made Team Liquid to win and did not make the team just to place 2nd or 3rd. Because of this, I am not satisfied with just making it to the finals.

¤ Would you say your teammates all only have the sole goal of winning?

In particular, our ADC has an extremely strong desire to win. Thanks to his determination, I am also able to have such high expectations and goals. If I am satisfied now, this might affect my performance in the next game. Getting as much influence from Peter as possible, I have learned to have a more comprehensive attitude.

Last year, I was extremely excited on the win against CLG. Because of this, me losing the finals made it even worse. I will never do that again this year.

¤ How was today’s games? Did the games go as expected?

Before the games, I knew there was a good chance Adrian was going to play Janna or Nami because he had practiced it before. Because I thought facing against Nami was easier than Janna, we banned out Janna in anticipation of the Nami. The picks/bans also went as expected. Overall, the game went pretty smoothly.

¤ You have qualified for the finals. Who do you think you will face?

If 100 Thieves makes it to the finals, the bot lane matchup will be pretty fun. It kind of feels like couple swapping (laughs)? Aphromoo was Doublelift’s bot duo, and I was once bot duo with Cody. Cody sent me a message as a troll once. He asked who do I think will win: Olleh and Cody Sun vs Aphromoo and Doublelift. As a joke, I replied by saying I think me and Cody would win.

In terms of picks/bans, I also think 100 Thieves is better. I predict 100 Thieves to qualify with 7:3. In my personal opinion as well, I hope 100 Thieves makes it to the finals. Cody is grinding his teeth in anticipation of beating us. Cody was supposed to play with me in Team Liquid. However with Doublelift available, Cody was cut from the team. He told me he is sharpening his knife in order to take revenge on the team that abandoned him.

¤ The Miami finals will be your 4th finals. How come you still haven’t won a single one?

I still haven’t been able to win one. In my opinion, I don’t think the teams that have won the finals ever had open slots for supports. When I went to Taiwan, Flash Wolves had SwordArt. All the top tier teams also had talented support players. Although going to a bottom tier team and winning is an extraordinary feat, the scenario rarely ever happens. This is why I desperately want to win this time.

¤ How are you planning to prepare for the finals in Miami?

I plan to not be nervous or too stirred up for the upcoming finals. In TL, we have a sports psychologist. He talks to me as well as my father. To him, I said “As I played the games against C9, I became a bit arrogant. Could you make sure I don’t get stirred up in the game against Echo Fox?”. He contacted me again today. By constantly controlling my mind, I am going to prepare for the finals with the utmost thoroughness.

¤ Lastly, could you say your goals for the finals to your fans?

This year’s World Championships will be held in Korea. Although I do want to go back to Korea, I have never been in Europe before. My dream has always been to travel all across the world. With new and upcoming opportunities, I want to go to Europe and visit all my fans.

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