Byeong-Hun 'cCarter' Choi: The Virtuoso Who Guided the Legendary SKT T1 Prepares for a New Challenge


There are many ways coaches can show their ability in team management. Usually, it would be through assembling different opinions and voices into one solution. Coach Mourinho is one of the most successful examples, having led several pro soccer teams to success. Coaches who have the charisma to make players listen to them know how to bring a team together, and use that charisma to bring the team’s strengths to a whole new level.

The head coach this article is about to introduce is someone who is quite unlike the description above -- he’s a coach who does not harshly criticize nor sharply analyze the mistakes or bad plays of his players, but instead offers advice and suggestions that can lift up the team’s spirit; a coach who led his team to the very top with his gentle charisma. That coach is none other than Byeong-hun 'cCarter' Choi.



cCarter is a veteran who has been involved in the Esports industry since the year 2008; he started as a coach for SKT T1’s pro gaming team for Starcraft 1, so it wouldn’t be inaccurate to call him a proud ‘man of SKT’. cCarter, who had experience working as a coach for a Soldier Front team (published as ‘Special Force’ in Korea), began to really show his capability as a coach in the Esports field when he became the coach for SKT T1’s League of Legends team.

cCarter began his LoL Esports life as a coach, and later became the leader of SKT T1’s LoL team when he was promoted to head coach in 2013. He earned this position thanks to his good reputation and the role he played in getting SKT T1 the Summoner’s Cup at the League of Legends World Championship. From then on, his team became ‘cCarter’s Troops’, until his contract with the team expired in 2017.

The biggest strength of cCarter, the man who led SKT T1 to their golden age, was his gentle charisma; he talked to everyone with a calm yet strong voice all the time. He always kept a calm demeanor when talking to players, reporters, and industry-related individuals. It was a natural thing for listeners to hold on to every word he spoke. Without getting heated, cCarter always managed to deliver a clear message.

cCarter would also constantly put others before himself; he was always caring for those around him. He would also always rather speak of the efforts and struggles of KkOma and the players than his own; when speaking of SKT T1, he would describe the struggles as a story of the team, rather than a story of cCarter. Likewise, he would emphasize that it was everyone in the team, not just himself, that tried very hard to make SKT T1 the team it is today.



The coach also showed respect and sportsmanship when talking about other teams, often acknowledging how good their opponent teams were before matches. Respect for one’s opponent is indeed crucial in the world of competition; being able to praise oneself and one’s adversary helps to uplift all competitors.

SKT T1, the world’s best League team, thrived under cCarter’s compassionate watch; whenever they encountered hardships, cCarter was there to help the team overcome them. With cCarter’s guidance, the team learned to be respectful to their enemies and considerate towards each other even on the intense battlefield.

cCarter has said goodbye to SKT T1; the team became the very best along with him, and he has been taking a break from the Esports scene ever since. He plans to show his charisma once more at the first IGEC - ESPORTS DEEP DIVE. We are all looking forward to the stories he has to tell and the lessons he has to teach.

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