SKT Thal on His New Nickname Glub-Glub: "It’s hard for a player to have such a fun nickname."

Today’s interview is with Park “Thal” Kwon-hyuk of SKT T1, who defeated KSV 2-1 in the 2018 LCK Spring Split wild-card match. In game 1 of this match, Thal played Cassiopeia and solo-killed CuVee twice.

The following is the interview with SKT T1 top laner, Thal.

Q. You defeated KSV 2-1 in the wild-card match. How do you feel?

I’m happier than when winning regular season matches because it was the wild-card match. I’ll do my best to get to higher places with this experience.

Q. You solo-killed CuVee twice in game 1 with Cassiopeia. Would you like to talk about that?

The first solo-kill was when I hit Lv.6 first, so I thought ‘this is a kill’. The second solo-kill was because I hit my skillshots well, so he didn’t have Gangplank’s citrus. It was easier to hit the ult.

Q. Your Cassiopeia was not as impressive in the match against bbq. It seems that you practiced a lot.

In that match, I thought if I played Cassiopeia, the teamfights will be better, but the result wasn’t that good. I’m proud of myself because I showed everyone how well I can perform.

Q. You lost game 2 after having Baron stolen. It must have been devastating; how was the atmosphere like in the booth?

The atmosphere wasn’t that bad; we thought of how we can win after the Baron-steal, but we were very regretful because we lost that game.

Q. You’re playing AP champions like Cassiopeia and Vladimir as well as Trundle. Do you have more picks prepared?

Of course, I prepared several picks before the wild-card match. I still have a few more cards up my sleeve, so you can look forward to it.

Q. The moment you spilled water because of kkOma drew a lot of interest; you earned the nickname ‘glub-glub’ from Korean fans.

▲ Maximum refreshment.

It’s hard for a player to have such a fun nickname. I’m thankful to head coach kkOma for helping me earn that nickname. (Laughs)

Q. Rumor has it that you didn’t know that you spilled water on your uniform, is it true?

I really didn’t know. We found out after watching the clip.

Q. What did kkOma say after seeing that? (Laughs)

He just thought he held my shoulder and shook it wildly, but after watching the clip, he just said ‘I didn’t know you spilled water.’

Q. Do you have any plans to dye your hair black?

The red is going away, but I don’t want to dye my hair black. I want to try a different color.

Q. The 1st round of playoffs is against kt Rolster. SKT T1 hasn’t won against them this season. Do you have any comments?

My set score against them is 1-1. I won once and lost once. If I am to play, I’m confident we’ll win. I’ll do my best. Thank you.


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