KT Head Coach, Oh: "Our team has a painful past from SKT and KSV... We'll win and never experience that again"

KT Rolster's head coach, Oh Chang-Jong, was ambitious to show the fans just how good of a team KT is.

On the 25th of March, at the Gangnam Nexon Arena, the 45th day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split took place. On the 2nd series of the day, KT Rolster defeated Afreeca Freecs with a score of 2-0. In game 1, although AFs arguably had a more favorable composition, KT consistently snowballed. In game 2, KT achieved a "perfect" victory by playing a face-paced comp. 

The following is an interview with KT's head coach, Oh Chang-Jong.

How do you feel finalizing the regular season with a victory?

I'm really happy that we won against AFs as our final game of the regular season. All of our players now have the confidence to beat them should we meet them again in the future.

Rush played today.

Rush hit 1st place on the KR ladder recently -- and proved to me just how great his mechanics are. I also wanted to show the people that he's a qualified player that we can sub in whenever we want to. His results in scrims are also great. We'll also actively sub him in during the Summer.

After being promoted to the head coach position, you've been on a great run -- even winning the KeSPA cup. 

Personally, I'm not satisfied, as my personal goal is bigger. We've been fixing a lot of things that we weren't good at. We've had hardships in between that process -- such as slumps. I'll be more active in talking to the players and find our own unique style. My goal for this year was not, "let's make good results," but to "show our best form." I'll continue to do my best to achieve that goal.

Your team started playing around the botlane, while before, it was more top-jungle focused.

A lot of people have been saying that "KT's botlane must win for the team to win as a whole." We weren't purposely trying to play like that, but it just happened naturally.

Since every single one of our players is great, I gave them feedback that it's fine for anyone to be the focus of the team. We tried changing our playstyle multiple times. 

Ucal has been playing very impressively. 

Ucal is a new player, and he's very vigorous -- playing his own style very confidently. But I'm worried that once he faces defeat, he'll lose that confidence and lose his form. He's already a great player, but he still has room for improvement. Helping him maintain that form is my job.

You'll be facing against either SKT or KSV in the playoffs.

Our team has a painful past from both of those teams... We'll win against them and never experience that pain ever again. We'll prepare so well that we'll win no matter what.

In game 2, KT played a very aggressive composition.

During picks and bans, the enemy team picked a very defensive composition from the getgo. In order to do as much damage as we can with an offensive pick, we went over our plan -- even calculating the early-game dragon. I also advised the players to slow down when necessary, instead of fully going aggressively. In the past, our players tripped on their own foot a lot of times because of their aggression, but we've refined all of that in time. I think that's why we played so well today.

Any last words in regards to the playoffs?

We've made it to the playoffs multiple times in the past, but we showed a lot of inconsistency. This is KT's very first post-season(playoffs) after I've become the head coach, so I'll do my best. I want to wipe clean our weaknesses and show the fans that we're a strong team. All the players and staff are doing their best. I want to thank them for their hard work. 

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