KT Rush: "If I haven't played Lee Sin today, I don't think another chance would've come to play him"

KT Rolster defeated Afreeca Freecs with a score of 2-0 -- decorating their final series of the regular season with a victory.

Today's biggest point of interest was Ucal and Rush. In both games, they played beyond expectations; exerting performance that is not of a new player. For Rush, he played Lee Sin and won, which is a champion that hasn't been seeing play in the LCK. 

After the series, Ucal, Smeb, and Rush, were invited for an interview with a SPOTV caster.

After game 1, your victory pose garnered a lot of attention. It looked similar to Ryze's pose.

Ucal: Might as well take a fun picture! 

You must've felt some form of pressure playing today. How was it?

Ucal: Instead of feeling pressure, I became motivated at the thought of wanting to prove myself through the playoffs and Summer Split.

You were the sole MVP titlist of today's series. What does your nickname, "Ucal" mean?

Ucal: In school, my nickname was "U-Gal", which means "I'm strong." So I've been using this summoner name.

Are you satisfied with your performance today?

Ucal: Extremely. I've been washing Pawn's dishes for an entire year... I think I won today because of that experience.

Rush, please introduce yourself.

Rush: Hi, I'm a new player in KT, Rush. I've played in NA before arriving here... I'm really nervous, sorry. 

Smeb: Just say whatever you want!

Rush: I'm Lee "Rush" Yoon-Jae. Thank you.

You played Lee Sin in game 2. What got you to play him?

Rush: I couldn't show my best in game 1. In game 2, all the S-tier junglers were banned... If I hadn't picked Lee Sin today, I don't think another chance would've come to play him.

Smeb: We never saw Rush play Lee Sin in scrims... but he was so confident that we all decided to trust him.

How about the Camille-Sejuani in game 1?

Smeb: I've been playing a lot of ranked with Rush, and we won a lot of them when we played Camille and Sejuani. That's why we were confident with that pick today.

What did you do well today? Also, what did you do badly?

Rush: I didn't lose my spirit in game 2. However, I wasn't able to properly understand what the enemy was thinking... so that part is a bit regretful.

I heard that an entire school is rooting for Rush.

Rush: Really? I don't browse the community, so I didn't know. I'm thankful regardless.

In game 2, you guys completely dominated the opponent. 

Smeb: The teams who are advancing to the playoffs have all been decided. I hope they fear us after having seen our plays. We'll prepare well for playoffs.

Any last words?

Ucal: I have not yet beaten Bdd before... I want to reach the Finals and beat him.

Rush: I don't think I did even half of what I was supposed to do today. I'll do my best to fill-in what I'm lacking for the future.

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