SKT kkOma: "I want to return the pressure that we've been feeling throughout the split to the other LCK teams"

SKT has defeated KDM with a score of 2-1 -- barely advancing to the Spring playoffs.

Their final series in Round 2 wasn't an easy one. SKT struggled against KDM's early aggressive macro -- as although SKT made a comeback in game 1, they fell; unable to defend themselves against KDM's attacks in game 2. In the end, however, SKT finished the series by taking the final game. 

After the series, the two MVP titlists and head coach kkOma were invited for an interview with the casters.

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Congratulations on your victory! Bang, I saw you rubbing your chest after that match.

Bang: After losing game 2, I became extremely nervous. I think we won today thanks to Effort. Despite being a rookie in the team, he remained headstrong. It was the final match of Round 2, so it was very pressuring.

Blank also seemed very nervous.

Blank: After losing game 2, my insides turned; the series had me sweating! Although I didn't see that match as our last one, it still got me shaking. 

Memorable moment of game 1?

Blank: When I was taking my third kill, all of my teammates just let me have it; allowing me to take the kills. It was quite surprising, as I've never gotten kills like that before.

The match was intense. What kind of feedback did you guys receive after game 2?

Bang: It was a game that we could've won, but we didn't fight well enough. We talked about how we could've fought better.

Blank, it seems like your performance is getting better and better.

Blank: I think all five of us have been improving. Please expect more from us during the playoffs.

Bang has been doing well from the start!

Bang: I don't think I've done that well... But I can say that I've found my confidence again. 

kkOma, I'm sure that there were a lot of hardships that you and your players had to overcome to get to this point. 

kkOma: I want to thank the fans, our staff, and the players. During the final game, I saw my players shaking; I want to thank them for doing so well despite having been so nervous.

After watching that series, do you feel that SKT is back to form?

kkOma: I've never thought that. Currently, the only thing that I'm thinking is how we could continue to climb. The fans want more from us -- and we'll do our best to meet that expectation.

In some ways, the real beginning of the Spring Split for SKT begins now. Anything you want to say to the fans?

kkOma: I want to return the favor; have the other teams feel the pressure that we've been feeling getting to this point. I want to show the fans an SKT that has reached the top.

 The playoff matchups have been decided. What do you think about them?

Bang: We were given plenty of time. We'll use all of that time and prepare well. I want to thank my teammates, coaching staff, and other staff members for everything that they've done. And as kkOma had said, the pressure that we've been receiving -- I want to return it to the other teams.

Blank: We've reached 4th place, and it felt like we started from the beginning -- climbing from the bottom to top. We'll continue to win. 

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