JAG Coach Fly: "The players making the same mistake is mostly my fault because I’m their coach."

On the 24th of March (KST), in the 2018 LCK Spring Split, Jin Air Green Wings (JAG) defeated ROX in a close match. JAG performed really well in game 3, and shook off their slump. Coach Kim “Fly” Sang-chul of JAG said “We’ve shown improvement in today’s victory, but I don’t feel comfortable.” and expressed his regret.

The following is the interview with Fly.

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Q. How do you feel winning the last match of the season?

I’m sorry to the fans and the team staff for not being able to deliver good results. I think we’ve shown improvement in today’s victory, but I don’t feel comfortable. We still have a lot to go.

Q. You were already denied of the playoffs. In what mindset were you in for the match?

We could have started substitutes, but we only thought of winning.

Q. UmTi played steady performance today. How was the feedback given?

UmTi had an uneasy mentality, so I tried to ease him from his pressure by talking late at night with him. I consoled him that he’ll do well because he wasn’t satisfied with his own performance.

Q. It seems that you would have many regrets after this season.

The original members were together for long, and Wraith and I joined the team. But the performance wasn’t good. Especially, I remember those really close matches. We were lacking teamwork and macro, I’m regretful because we weren’t able to make up for that.

Q. Grace is one of the best rookies. How did you help him develop?

It hasn’t been long since his debut, but he’s a player who played for a long time. I didn’t help him much, but since his preferred champions were a lot different from mine, I talked to him a lot to open up his mind.

Q. You’ve returned to JAG after being abroad for a while. How was JAG after your return, and how did you lead the team?

Since our record isn’t quite good, I can’t say that was that helpful to the team. I thought I was confident in giving feedback, but the players made the same mistake. The players making the same mistake is mostly my fault because I’m their coach.

Q. How will you prepare for the Summer Split? Any predictions on your result?

As we played in the Spring Split, I found out what our team lacks the most. Our practice wasn’t that bad; if we just do what’s needed, it can be improved. Since I found out how I can contribute to the team, I’d say our goal is reaching the playoffs.

Q. Do you have any last comments?

I joined the team with extra confidence, but as the matches went, I’ve lost a lot of that. I’m always sorry to the fans. It’s a relief that we showed that we can do better, and make improvements. I’ll do my best to continue to deliver good performance.


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