JAG UmTi: "Our head coach told us we have to play all the scrims with the playoff and relegation match teams without vacation if we lose."

Jin Air Green Wings (JAG) opened up the door to playoffs for KSV. On the 24th of March (KST), in the 2018 LCK Spring Split, JAG defeated ROX Tigers who needed 1 win to get to the playoffs 2-1.

The first game was in ROX’s favor. From the early game, SeongHwan’s roamed through the Rift with Jarvan IV and Lindarang’s Swain started dominating from the mid-game. JAG’s Thresh and Skarner weren’t able to create any differences and ROX took the win.

In game 2, JAG had their revenge. JAG cleared ROX’s early attacks and took profit in each following fights. After taking Baron, JAG destroyed the mid and bottom inhibitors and with Teddy’s penta-kill, they took the victory.

JAG’s momentum didn’t stop in game 3. ROX picked a double shield comp with Lulu and Karma protecting Caitlyn, but as Taliyah cut off the routes with her ult and Sion stomped in through the middle, Skarner continued to die before the teamfight began. As a result, Skarner wasn’t able to do anything as he wasn’t able to grow. JAG played their macro game calmly and continued to take fights in their favor, and finally destroyed ROX’s Nexus to tackle ROX from entering the playoffs.

After the match, all members of JAG were interviewed.

Q. (To Wraith) You ended the last match of the Spring Split with a win. How do you feel?

Wraith: I wanted to end the season with a victory and I feel really god because we did win.

Q. You were out of the playoffs already, and didn’t need to worry about the relegation match. How did you find your motivation?

Wraith: Our head coach told us to brace ourselves if we lost, but he said he’ll let us have more free time if we win.
*Note: Head coach Han Sang-yong is a former kickboxing player and has a very fearsome characteristic; there’s a meme between the fans saying that the JAG players get hit by him if they lose.

Q. You were on a 3-game losing streak. What did your head coach say before the match?

Wraith: His feedback during practice was a bit more rougher than usual. But he praised us a lot after the match.

Q. (To SoHwan) It was a difficult match today, how do you feel?

SoHwan: I’m happy and thankful to the team because they did so well.

Q. It’s your fourth year at JAG. How was the season for you?

SoHwan: It was good at first, but my performance went down as the season went. I became afraid of losing.

Q. How would you rate yourself for today’s match?

SoHwan: Maybe 4 out of 10? I would have said a more confident answer if it was before, but I’ve lost a lot of confidence.

Q. (To Grace) How was today’s match?

Grace: Our head coach said “The last match is important. Our result is final but the last impression is important, and this match can affect the summer split.” and tried to motivate us. I was happy that we won today, but on the other hand, it’s regretful because if we did like today, we would have been able to get to the playoffs.

Q. As the youngest in the team, what was the hardest thing in the team?

Grace: Nothing was really hard. I’m a bit sorry because I didn’t act much like the youngest. I think I’ll need to act like the youngest in the team next season.

Q. (To Justice) How do you feel now that the season has come to an end?

Justice: I’m sorry to my teammates to be sitting here because I wasn’t even able to play much in Round 2. I’m really disappointed to myself. In the summer, I want to perform well and sit at this spot as an MVP.

Q. You even played in that 94 minute match against SKT. What was the most regretful in this season?

Justice: I played well early in the season, but my performance became really bad. I’m really regretful that I spent most of the season trying to recover my performance.

Q. Do you have any role models in your position?

Justice: He’s not my role model or anything, but I have someone that I really want to beat. It’s Bdd. The result wasn’t good last time, but I want to beat him in the summer. Bdd just wait right there, I’m coming for you.

Q. (To Teddy) You were outstanding today. You’ve got your second penta-kill of the season. How was this season?

Teddy: I think we could have done better, our record is regretful. We would have been able to go to the playoffs if we were just a little bit better. It’s a regretful season.

Q. Which was the most memorable match of this season?

Teddy: That 94-minute match against SKT. I still can’t believe that we won enduring all those attacks.

Q. You’ve got two penta-kills this season.

Teddy: I think I’m good at eating, like a pig. (Laughs) I eat really well myself, but even my teammates help me eat more, so I get more kills.

Q. Your performance is wonderful, but who would you say that’s shining brighter than you?

Teddy: I think they’re all good. Top stands steady, the jungler sometimes rolls the dice, but he’s usually good. Mid is very consistent, has good positioning, and the support protects me very well.

Q. ROX’s draft was focused on the ADC. Was there any pressure?

Teddy: We gave them Karma, and our mid said that he’ll do well. I just thought I’ll do well behind Braum’s shield. There was no pressure. Since we had better comp, I thought that we’ll win in the teamfights.

Q. (To UmTi) How was this season?

UmTi: I wasn’t doing very well just a couple of days ago, so I talked with the coaches and renewed my mindset. I think we won because of our head coach.

Q. The team that picked Skarner lost all the games. How do you think it is?

UmTi: Skarner’s good if he’s played like Peanut but it’s bad if there are mistakes, like me and SeongHwan. It’s a good pick when played flawless.

Q. You said in an interview before that your head coach said that he will shave all the hair off your body if you lose. What did he say today?

UmTi: He didn’t say something like that today, but he told us we have to play all the scrims with the playoff and relegation match teams without vacation if we lose. After hearing that, I got the shivers. But he also said that he’ll let us have more free time if we win.

Q. There’s only one slot left for the playoffs now. How do you think it will go?

UmTi: In the current meta, one small mistake can lead to a loss. Even Kingzone can lose, and KT can lose too. Kingzone’s performance wasn’t that good today, and Khan wasn’t at his best. Um, will I be stoned by Kingzone fans? I’m not anti-Kingzone, I’m their fan. I’m even close with their head coach. (Laughs)

Q. Any last comments for the fans?

Wraith: We were very inconsistent during the spring split; we had both good and bad performances. We’ll be back in the summer with good performance.


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