BBQ Trick: "I’m not that satisfied because the first season back in the LCK isn't as good as when I was in Europe."

On the 22nd of March (KST), bbq Olivers (BBQ) played against Kongdoo Monster (KDM) in the 2018 LCK Spring Split match. It was the last match of the season for both teams. BBQ defeated KDM 2-0 and did what’s needed on their part to get out of the relegation match. The match was quite one-sided the whole time. In game 1, BBQ targeted Secret’s Leona and pulled KDM down from the early game. Also, BBQ attacked without letting through counter attacks in game 2 to seal their victory.

As of this match, BBQ took a step out of heading straight to the relegation match, but it isn’t final. They have to wait for the results of the following SKT T1 vs MVP match; if SKT wins, BBQ will be out of the relegation match. After the match, an interview of all the members of BBQ took place.


Q. You won 2-0. How do you feel?

Crazy: It was the last match of the split, so it was really important. I think we won because everybody did well.

Q. If you lost today, you needed to head to the relegation match. Were you nervous?

Crazy: Even if we won, it’s still not sure of escaping the relegation match. So we decided to think of it after winning.

Q. It was your first season after returning from Europe. How was it?

Trick: I’m not that satisfied because the first season back in the LCK isn't as good as when I was in Europe, but it’s a relief that I was able to finish off the season well.

Q. You were abroad for quite long. What’s the biggest difference?

Trick: First, the amount of practice in the LCK is a lot harder. Life and practice is a lot more balanced in EU. It’s a lot more tiring here in the LCK.

Q. (To Crazy) You said that you didn’t want to go abroad and succeed in Korea. Why is that?

Crazy: I like Korea, and I have pride in the Korean league. So I think if I succeed here, I think it’s the most successful that I can get.

Q. Tempt played an important role today. Why did you play picks that you didn’t play much before?

Tempt: I practiced the two champions that I played today the most, so I just played them.

Q. It seemed that you were quite relaxed while playing them.

Tempt: Since I played them a lot, there was no reason to be nervous.

Q. Tempt is 1st in MVP points in the team. Do you keep track of that?

Tempt: Actually, I’m not that good, so I don’t really try to keep track or anything.

Trick: He says that here, but he teases other teammates with the MVP points. He’s a bad guy. (Laughs)

Tempt: The team’s victory is more important. It’s nothing personal. (Laughs)

Q. It seems that Trick got cuter?

IgNar: At the gaming house, Trick pretends to be cute and gets cute haircuts. Trick and Tempt compete on who's cuter, I think they’re trying to push that cute image.

Trick: Tempt is really cute. I think he’s the cutest.

Q. Do you really appeal your cuteness?

Tempt: I never start it; if Trick starts, I just go along with him.

Q. Ghost really went through a rough season, how do you feel now?

Ghost: I’m very regretful because I didn’t perform well during the season. Since we won the last match, I wish the other teams can help us. I was thinking I’ll do what I can do and wait for God’s will.

Q. (To IgNar) Will you go back to the gaming house after this interview?

IgNar: If it was up to me, I want to stay here and wave the SKT banner, but I don’t know if that will happen because we have to move around as a team.

Q. Did you pledge to do anything if SKT wins?

IgNar: We might buy chicken. Maybe one of our teammates can record a funny video. We all are cheering SKT as one.

Q. Crazy had gone to relegation match before. How do you feel?

Crazy: There’s more pressure on going to the relegation match than playing in the playoffs.

Q. What is it like at the relegation match?

Crazy: When I’m actually there, not many thoughts come to mind, but while we prepare for the match, the pressure is huge. The season is over, but we have to prepare for a more important match.

Q. Looking back at the Spring Split, how would you evaluate the team?

Trick: We didn’t perform quite well, but I think we got better as the season went. I’m very sorry to the teammates because my performance was inconsistent.

Q. You had a short break during the middle of the season.

Trick: I was stressed out and my mental, performance and confidence was really rock-bottom, so I rested for a while. It wasn’t a problem from adapting to LCK; it was just personal consistency issues.

Q. The coaching staff probably had a hard time too. Can Ghost say something to the others?

Ghost: Bono did his best too, it’s regretful that we weren’t able to win together. I’m very thankful to everybody for being together. I know that the coaching staff suffered more than we did, so I want to thank them for leading us.

Q. (To IgNar) SKT players are probably watching you in the waiting room, do you want to send them a message?

IgNar: Hello, SKT T1. I have faith in SKT’s bottom lane. I believe you will carry no matter what. Fighting!

Q. The season is over now, as the captain, a word to the fans?

Crazy: Our last match of the season is over. I want to apologize for the bad performance we delivered during the season. It’s a relief that we won the last match, and I want to thank everyone with all my heart who cheered for us.

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