CG LirA: "Out of all the teams in playoffs, I think TSM is the most doable."

LirA has said he always wanted to go up against TSM in the playoffs.

Thanks to the result of the tiebreaker games on the 18th, LirA, alongside Clutch Gaming, is now matched up against TSM for the playoffs. In the interview before the tiebreaker games, LirA expressed strongly on how he wants to face off against TSM. He also conveyed his unease and disappointment looking back at his performance in the spring split.

Below are the interview responses from CG’s jungler, LirA.

¤ At the start of the split, you had a lot of concerns on yourself and on your team. However, Clutch Gaming was able to make it to playoffs. How do you feel?

Although we did make it to playoffs, my true goal is to finish 1st. It seems very difficult though. I haven’t been able to perform on par to my expectations.

¤ Since you guys did perform relatively well, the team atmosphere must be good. Do you think your own ambitions are a lot bigger than the team’s?

We did have opportunities to make it to a higher seating. However after being unable to seize the opportunity once or twice, it became a bit unfortunate. On top of this, my performance has gotten worse than before so this feeling is even more so. If we placed 1st, I wouldn’t be worrying. I think I am going to be worried all the way up to the finals.

¤ What are the most worrisome things for you right now?

I am worried that there might be a game that we regret. Due to the BO3 and BO5 formats, it is a matter of skill and not luck… I’m honestly not sure. Because our team has only played BO1s, I am not completely certain if we made it all the way here through luck or skill.

¤ Unlike the other players, it seems so weird how you have qualified for the playoffs but yet you are still worried.

I have always made it to playoffs, but I have never made it to the finals. Because of this, I worry more and feel more unfortunate about the past.

¤ Febiven is also a player who consistently makes it to playoffs. How have you guys communicated with each other?

Because our team has more fun/lighthearted talks rather than serious ones, we don’t necessarily share a lot with each other.

¤ Who do you want to go up against at playoffs?

All the teams wants to face us in the playoffs. However out of all the teams, I think TSM is the most doable. While the other teams focus heavily on the early game, TSM seems to always have the mindset of going late. Since Clutch also plays like TSM, I would think the game would be much more comfortable for us.

¤ When looking back at the spring split, how would you rate your performance?

A lot of regret. Looking at it today, I found out I have the lowest kills apart from the supports. I was never this kind of player.. I am a player that has a lot of ambition to carry. Unfortunately, I need to play champions that are beneficial for the team and teamplay.

Because I am not satisfied with my own performance, I do feel a bit down. Thinking about a lot of things, I am extremely worried that my performance is getting worse as I go into playoffs. This is why my mood is so down right now.

¤ Since your team could read this interview, is there anything you want to say to your team?

I just want them to do more teamplays (laughs).


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