AFs Kuro: "It’s been 5 years already. I think I’ll be able to play another 5 years; I’ll do my best until my 10th anniversary."

On March 20th, in the 2018 LCK Spring Split Day 41 Match 2, Afreeca Freecs (AFs) defeated bbq Olivers (BBQ) and confirmed 2nd place in the competition.

AFs won by snowballing an early benefit. Especially, Kiin, who was powered by Mowgli’s ganks and was able to shake up the opponent’s side lanes. The other players also played well in fights with less people involved.

In game 2, AFs had the initiative. There weren’t many kills in the early game, but they destroyed the bottom lane first and pushed up to the second tower in mid lane using the Rift Herald. BBQ tried to counter but AFs had a big win and took Baron. As AFs advanced, BBQ fell short on power and gave up the Nexus.

After the match, top laner Kiin was voted MVP and was interviewed along with Kuro, who marked the 5th anniversary of his debut.

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Q. You won, how do you feel?

Kiin: Our victory today confirmed our 2nd place. I feel good because we won.

Q. In game 1, you did well with Camille. What were you aiming for while you played?

Kiin: Before the match, I told my teammates that if top lane goes well, the game will go easier and Mowgli covered me well so it was convenient for me to play.

Q. There were several moments that you performed well, do you remember anything?

Kiin: I had a regretful moment near Baron when I initiated, but I don’t remember any good moments.

Q. There was a moment where you cut Ghost and evaded Azir’s ult with Camille’s ult.

Kiin: In the first one, I said to hit Baron, but it was regretful because I went in too early.

Q. You had a great win around the mid game in a teamfight. What kind of calls were there?

Kiin: Zac came in too deep, and everybody went in saying “Let’s give it a shot.”

Q. Fans are saying that Kiin is performing so well, you have to add a G to the end of your nickname: Kiing. How do you think of that?

Kiin: Umm.. umm.. I think it really feels good. (Laughs)

Q. If you always play like this, can’t you say “I’m the best!”?

Kiin: I still lack a lot. I need to go up more.

Q. Is there a player that will be helpful if he were next to you right now?

Kiin: Yes, Kuro.

*Kuro gets invited.

Q. Congratulations on your 5th anniversary of your debut. How do you feel?

Kuro: It feels like I’ve been here for too long. Still, I won the LCK only once, so I want to win more LCK and stay in the scene for longer.

Q. Do you think you’ll be able to do so this year?

Kuro: I think I do feel it a little bit.

Q. You plaed Karma and Vel’Koz, champions that you didn’t play much. Was it a decision made from the team?

Kuro: I picked Karma because I trusted Kramer. We won because he did well. And with Vel’Koz, I suddenly began liking him during practice so I played him today.

Q. As the top laner, was Kuro at mid lane helpful?

Kiin: It was a big help because he was good.

Q. It’s been 5 years since Kuro’s debut. How long have you been around?

Kiin: I’ve been around for about 8-9 months.


Q. Then as a player that hasn’t even been in the scene for a whole year, what kind of thoughts hit your mind seeing Kuro having 5 years?

Kiin: Just an old guy? (Laughs)

Q. Do you want to thank the fans who congratulated you?

Kuro: It’s been 5 years already. I think I’ll be able to play another 5 years; I’ll do my best until my 10th anniversary. Thank you.

Q. Many fans are still here cheering you. Any last comments?

Kiin: We’ve confirmed 2nd place and still have one match left. I’ll be enjoying my next match.

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