ROX Lindarang: "Fiora is one of my favorite picks, but I've lost every game that I played her."

On the 18th, ROX Tigers took down Kongdoo Monsters with a score of 2-0. With this victory, ROX protected their 5th place spot in the standings -- and now, ROX has won a chance to place 4th. Today, Lindarang played Gnar and Sion, playing reliably for his team.

The following is an interview with ROX Tiger's toplaner, Lindarang.

Today's match was very important for you guys. How do you feel?

It was indeed an important match. Although we didn't take it cleanly, I'm glad that we won. Since SKT won their series today, if we had lost, everything that we've done so far would've gone to waste. The players in our team all said that we have to win today, no matter what.

You said today's match wasn't clean. What's so regretful about it?

The 2nd game was clean, but we were pushed around by the enemy team in game 1. We almost lost. 

After game 1, what kind of feedback did you receive?

I could've done a lot better in pressuring the enemy -- but I didn't. That's the feedback that I received.

We also received feedback in regards to the enemy team using 2 Teleports.

In game 2, the enemy team picked Morgana. Did it surprise you?

Not at all. Morgana was definitely a possibility in that situation.

In game 1, the enemy Fiora constantly split pushed. What kind of calls did you and your teammates make?

Since she was hard pushing, I talked about calling up Azir to stop her or go for Baron together.

What's your opinion on Fiora as a champion?

She's a double-edged sword. If you have the lead, and you're good at split pushing, she's a pick that can really trouble your opponent. However, if you have a hard time in the early-game or fail to split push, she's bad. She's one of my favorite picks, but I've lost every game that I played her. I want to win with her next time.

Your next opponents are KSV and JAG. How will you prepare for them?

I've won against them in Round 1.

If we refine our plays, they're definitely beatable. The upcoming matches are important, and they're all formidable opponents. we'll have to prepare well.

The regular season is coming to an end. Anything you want to say in regards to that?

I'm glad that I've performed better than I did last year. I'm planning to show even more. I want to win all of our remaining games and enter playoffs as the 4th placed team. I want to go to the Finals, as my head coach had told me.

Any last words?

I want to thank the fan that made the "thumbs up" character. I'll do better from now on.

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