Faker: "I think the coaching staff has made the judgment that in our current state, Blank is much more helpful to the team for winning"

On the 18th of March, SKT defeated KSV with a score of 2-0, putting an end to their losing streak. Currently, SKT cannot guarantee their spot in the playoffs on their own, but they have increased their chances through today's match. Today, Faker played Azir and Anivia -- dealing a ton of damage on the members of KSV.

The following is an interview with SKT Faker.

You've just won against KSV with a score of 2-0. How do you feel?

Although we're in a rough spot in regards to making playoffs, we'll do our best to win our remaining games.

Out of your most recent games, I think you performed the best today.

I didn't personally prepare anything special, but the team atmosphere -- everyone was giving it their all. But today, I think we were able to win not because we did well, but because the enemy team made crucial mistakes. 

We're still very lacking in a lot of areas.

In game 1, you guys established a nice mid-jungle carry situation and quickly snowballed. In game 2, you picked Anivia. How did you prepare for today's series?

Team composition-wise, we took Anivia because the enemy team had a lot of tanks. Anivia is good for that kind of situation, as she's great at killing them.

Are you satisfied with your own performance today?

Not really. We won through countering the enemies' mistakes. We'll have to do our best to play better next time.

In both games, you guys first-banned Vel'Koz. It felt like you guys were really trying to deny Crown his main card.

Crown has been playing a lot of Vel'Koz lately, so our team made the calls to ban it.

In game 2, you were caught near Baron but ended up winning a huge teamfight. What kind of calls were made at the time?

I had about a second left on finishing my recall, and I didn't cancel it because the enemy ADC was pretty far away. It was a good situation to burn my Flash for his. But then, they came in way too deep. The game was already heavily in our favor, so I saw it as a good thing to have happened.

How do you rate Anivia as a champion?

I used her because Archangel's Staff has gotten better, in addition to Anivia's great utility. I think she fits pretty well in the current meta.

A lot of fans are waiting in anticipation to see Blossom play. Why hasn't he been playing on stage recently?

It'll be hard for me to tell you in detail. I think the coaching staff has made the judgment that in our current state, Blank is much more helpful to the team for winning.

Your next opponents are MVP and Kongdoo Monsters. How will you prepare for these matchups?

I don't think we'll win against either of them with ease. I think the match will come down to who prepared more for the matchup.

Any last words?

We won today with a score of 2-0, and we'll win our next two series as well. We don't know if we'll make playoffs, but we'll do our best until the end.

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