SKT Blank: "A professional player must prove himself through victory. I put the past behind and practiced"

SKT raised their chances for advancing to the LCK Spring Playoffs. 

On the 18th of March, the 40th day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split took place. On the 1st series of the day, SKT defeated KSV with a score of 2-0, successfully taking their revenge for the 2017 World Championship.

Game 1 was a very one-sided game. Blank's Zac secured the lead through the midlane, and after forcefully engaging onto the enemy team near the dragon pit, SKT didn't drop their guard and gave KSV no openings. Although things started looking better for the World Champions when CuVee solo-killed Thal, it wasn't enough to stop the rapid growth of Faker and Bang.

In the following game, KSV took the early lead through CuVee's solo-kill in the toplane. However, SKT slowly came back into the game through the botlane; and after a convincing victory in a teamfight near dragon, SKT evened out the playing field. Later on into the game, KSV attempted to cut off Faker from recalling but ended up losing a huge teamfight. As a result, SKT secured the Baron and inhibitor, taking a large lead. Afterward, Effort consistently made fantastic engages on the enemy team, leading SKT to take the Nexus and the game.

After the series, the two MVP titlists of the match, Blank and Effort, were invited for an interview with a SPOTV caster.

Blank, this is your very first MVP title this season. How do you feel?

Blank: Today's match was very important, I'm very happy that we won. Back then, I've won sets [of games] after subbing in, but I've never won an entire series before.

Effort: It's been a while since I've seen play... so I did feel some pressure. But I'm glad that I did well.

Some people have said that you play well because you physically resemble Faker.

Effort: Personally speaking, I don't think I look like Faker, but I've heard that one often. But then again, maybe, that was the reason why I played well today.

There must've been a lot of pressure on you, especially because of the recent losses. 

Blank: A professional player must prove himself through victory. I wanted to put the past behind and prove myself through winning. I think the result of today's match reflects just how much effort I had put into practice.

Blank, you currently have multiple accounts in the top 10 of the Korean solo queue ladder. Are these practices helpful in terms of playing on stage?

Blank: I definitely feel it. I feel different from the past.

In game 1, you've shown a lot of aggressive plays on Zac. Unlike your previous games, you were a lot more on the offensive. 

Blank: I think my plays today were only possible because my teammates had the lead in lane. You only go in when the opportunity arises, and there were a lot of opportunities today -- and I went in for every single one. 

Your gank in the midlane in game 1 was fantastic! 

Blank: It was picture perfect -- I knew that we'd win that fight.

Your chase near the dragon was also fantastic.

Blank: Karma didn't have Flash, so I went in. It ended up going well for us.

Effort, in what way did you play game 1?

Effort: If you pick Janna, you have to take the lead in lane. I didn't have too much practice on ranged supports, but we picked her after evaluating the enemy team composition. We weren't able to secure a good lead during the laning phase, but mid-jungle did; so things ended up going very well for us.

In game 2, the SKT botlane, shined.

Effort: Although I did make good plays, Zac and Anivia set everything up for me first, so I played with ease.

In game 2, Faker performed extraordinarily on Anivia. How is Anivia in the perspective of a professional team?

Blank: Anivia is a good pick for the mid-to-late game. So we built a proper team composition around her and reached the said mid-to-late game. Anivia's W can really turn around a situation to your favor.

In game 2, Faker was caught recalling, but Effort handled the situation very well.

Effort: Anivia baited well -- that situation only happened because of Anivia. 

Effort, which moment from game 2 do you remember the most?

Effort: When I killed Syndra near the end. I think I played that very well.

What kind of calls were made in that situation?

Effort: Bang told me that as soon as I see an opening to Flash-W, I should go in. I just did what he told me to.

Blank: You did well, too! (Laughs)

SKT has reinforced its roster with a lot of new players. Blank, in your opinion, how are they?

Blank: Although I'm young myself, it's good to see these young and energetic players. They're also very vigorous.

Can you give me an example?

Blank: Blossom is too bold when he engages so he has a lot more to learn. As for Effort, his presence is not of a new player's -- a very charming twist.

Which of the new players do you favor the most?

Blank: Effort? I favor him the most.

Effort, which senior player do you favor the most?

Effort: Blank, of course. (Laughs)

Any last words?

Effort: It's been a while since I've seen play, but we won! I'll continue to show good form in the future. Thank you.

Blank: Our current goal is to make playoffs. Starting from there, I really want to go to MSI.

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