AFs Kramer: "It doesn’t matter which team we play. The only thing that matters is my own performance."

On March 17th (KST), in the 2018 LCK Spring Split, Afreeca Freecs shut out MVP 2-0 and continued their winning streak. Ha “Kramer” Jong-hun had a regretful moment near the end of game 1, but performed quite well and contributed to the team victory.

The following is the interview with Kramer.

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We’ll keep winning and become champions."

Q. It was the first 6-game winning streak for the Afreeca Freecs. How do you feel?

I feel really good with breaking the winning streak record for the team but personally I’m not satisfied with my performance today.

Q. What part of today made you dissatisfied?

When I got cut off near the end of game 1, that was really regretful.

Q. Still, you performed well during the laning phase.

I’ve already forgotten about that. I only remember my mistakes.

Q. Although you made a mistake, it seems like you’re performing very well recently.

I don’t feel that yet. I think I still have far to go to reach higher. I need to be more calm and I need more mind control.

Q. If you do well in the next match against bbq Olivers, you can secure 2nd place. Are you confident?

I’m confident of all the following matches. If we prepare well, we will be able to beat them 2-0.

Q. In game 1, the opponent let you pick Xayah-Rakan and picked Shen support.

I thought that we’ll be able to win easily because they’re picks were really bad in the laning phase. Having our top lane die so much wasn’t good for us, but we said that the bottom lane can carry.

Q. It seems that you’re playing mid lane Anivia often. It’s not your lane, but can you explain why?

I’m not sure, but if there are many champions that don’t have evading skills, it’s really good to cut off their trails. It can also make deal loss through the wall, and it’s always good in clearing out the lane. I think Anivia is seen more because Archangel’s Staff got buffed.

Q. Which team do you think will be difficult to play against in the postseason?

It doesn’t matter which team we play. The only thing that matters is my own performance.

Q. Do you have any last comments?

I’m always thankful to the coaching staff. I also want to thank the esports authorities and the fans who support us. The weather is quite random these days, so watch out not to catch a cold.

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