AFs Mowgli: "It's the longest winning streak ever for AFs. We’ll keep winning and become champions."

On the 17th of March (KST), in the 2018 LCK Spring Split, Afreeca Freecs (AFs) defeated MVP without much trouble. MVP picked risky champions and took an early lead but they weren’t able to maintain the lead. AFs took over the game getting 3 stacks of infernal drakes and took the victory. Game 2 ended in 33 minutes, it was quite one-sided and AFs was able to win easily. As of today’s match, AFs is now on a 6-game winning streak.

After the match, AFs supporter TusiN and jungler Mowgli were voted as MVPs and were interviewed along with former Najin Shield’s ADC, KDM coach and current AFs coach Lee “Zefa” Jae-min.


Q. You’re on a 6-game winning streak. How do you feel?

TusiN: I think we won game 1 because we had an advantageous comp. In game 2, it wasn’t an easy matchup for us, but it’s a relief that it went well.

Q. (To Mowgli) It’s your first MVP today.

Mowgli: It’s my first this year, and I got one last year. I’m quite nervous because it’s my first time this year. I thought game 2 might be a bit difficult, but it went well.

Q. It’s been a while since we’ve seen you. Can you say hello to the fans?

Zefa: Hello, I’m Lee “Zefa” Jae-min, coach of the AFs.

Q. How do you divide roles with coach Ccomet?

Zefa: Normally, coach Ccomet does the big feedback and I do the specifics.

Q. (To the players) He’s a former player, does he understand the players more?

TusiN: Since he was a bottom lane player, he gives us a lot of detailed and high-quality information. I think I’m developing a lot thanks to him.

Q. Game 1 went well for you. Why do you think it did?

TusiN: Whenever we play, we think that Xayah-Rakan will be banned, but they didn’t today. So we fought as we wanted. I think that’s why.

Q. (To Mowgli) Weren’t you anxious in the early game?

Mowgli: Beyond ganked top lane very sharply, so it seemed that Kiin had a hard time, but I didn’t worry because the mid and bottom lanes were scaling well.

Q. How did Kiin react?

TusiN: I thought that the opponent did well, but Kiin was blaming himself. So we all told him that it wasn’t his fault. That way he was able to keep his mentality.

Q. TusiN is one of the favorites for the MVP race. Do you think you’ll be able to get it?

TusiN: Before that, becoming the champions is more important. The other favorite is Kuro, and we’re teammates. We pretend not to care about the points. (Laughs)

Q. (To Mowgli) Who do you think will become 1st in MVP points?

Mowgli: Well… It’s not because he’s our captain or anything, but I think Kuro will get it. Normally mid laners are good at the playmaking.

Q. Mowgli is playing more than before. What do you think the advantages of Spirit and Mowgli are?

Zefa: Mowgli makes smart plays. It’s not that Spirit isn’t smart, but his advantage is the wide range of champion pool and consistency.

Q. It was Nidalee vs Olaf in the jungle in game 2. Olaf is said to get weaker as the game goes.

Mowgli: It’s true, he gets weaker the later the game goes. Nidalee was always good against Olaf and since Beyond plays Nidalee often, we predicted that he’ll play her, but we practiced Olaf against Nidalee very often so we were able to prepare for it.

Q. You have two matches left, bbq and KT. Do you have any comments?

TusiN: KT has a similar schedule to us, so I hope their opponents play well. We’ll also perform well and stay in 2nd place.

Mowgli: It's the longest winning streak ever for AFs. We’ll keep winning and become champions.

Zefa: Such a long winning streak is the first time in my career. We’ll do our best to continue this performance and become champions.


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