KZ Bdd: "We didn’t practice Xerath that much as a team, but I picked him because I was confident."

On the 15th of March, in the 2018 LCK Spring Split, Kingzone DragonX defeated kt Rolster 2-0 and confirmed 1st place. In today’s match, Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong had a no-death performance with Xerath and Sion to contribute to the team’s victory.

The following is the interview with Bdd.

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Q. You’ve confirmed 1st place in the Spring Split. How do you feel?

It doesn’t really come to me yet. I do feel good because we’re heading straight to the finals. I will finish the remaining matches well and prepare for the finals well too.

Q. It wasn’t an easy match-up. How did you prepare to play against kt Roslter?

We prepared many different pick & ban situations. They’re one of the top 3 teams, so of course it was a difficult match, but we didn’t feel much pressure because we thought that we would win if we just played as we always played.

Q. They have two mid laners, Ucal and Pawn. Did you prepare for the each of them?

I’ve met both players during scrims and solo queues. It didn’t matter who I was playing against. I didn’t prepare specifically for one opponent.

Q. How did you get to pick Xerath?

Actually, we didn’t practice Xerath that much as a team, but I picked him because I was confident. There were many mid lane champions banned and I thought he would be good because ‘Tear of the Goddess’ is really good these days.

Q. Who do you wish to play against in the finals?

There’s no team that I prefer, but I think Afreeca Freecs will come to the finals. They have a strong upper half and a steady bottom duo.

Q. Do you think that you’ll be able to become champions? And do you have any surprise picks for the finals?

I think we can become champions against any team. I do have a hidden card up my sleeve for the finals, so look forward to it.

Q. It’s your second finals. How is it different to the first time?

I felt really good because we won the last match and had a very hard time. Today, everything went well and as we thought. I’m not quite there yet.

Q. People say that KZ is outstanding in everything. What do you think your best strength is?

Everybody’s strong in the lane and we have good communication, plus Peanut balances out the lanes.

Q. Do you have any last comments?

I want to thank the coaching staff, teammates and the team authorities. Also I want to thank all the fans that always support us. I’ll prepare the next matches and the finals well and make sure to become champions.

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