AFs Kuro: "Our team is always open to creative ideas. Anivia was one of those."

On March 15th (KST), in the 2018 LCK Spring Split, Afreeca Freecs defeated Jin Air Green Wings 2-1. Lee “Kuro” Seo-haeng played Anivia which he played a lot before and performed well with good teamwork.

The following is the interview with Kuro.

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Q. You won 2-1. How do you feel?

If we won 2-0, we might have had a shot at 1st place. It’s regretful that we weren’t able to. We’ll still win all the remaining matches and secure 2nd place.

Q. The macro game was flawless in game 1. What did you focus on?

We just wanted to play easy and get to the late game, but our bottom duo dominated the opponent, so there was nothing left for me to do. I felt really good because I didn’t do anything, yet we won. (Laughs)

Q. Nocturne pick wasn’t successful. Was that the must-win pick that you said you prepared?

No it wasn’t, actually, it was nearly gambling. I don’t think the pick was the problem, we lost just because we weren’t good enough. It was regretful that we lost the 3v3 fight first at the bottom lane.

Q. You were famous to be the maestro of Anivia since you were amateur. You played Anivia in game 3. What was the reason?

Our team is always open to creative ideas. Anivia was one of those, and I thought that I’ll do well because I played it from such a long time ago. Anivia has a really good skillset for teamfights and is really strong in the lane fights after level 6.

Q. Realistically, it seems it’s impossible for you to become 1st place. What are your goals?

I feel sorry because we can’t get 1st place. Our goal is to win all the remaining matches. The last match is against kt Rolster, and if we both win all remaining matches, the winning team becomes 2nd place. We’ll do our best to win all the matches.

Q. Is there any team that you want to play against in the postseason?

I want to meet Kingzone DragonX at the finals. Of course, I want to get to finals first, but I want to have my revenge on them because we haven’t beat them yet.

Q. AFs always prepares a surprise pick. Are you planning on playing a new champion for the postseason?

We have many different champions that we’re preparing, and the postseason is in the next patch version. We have a lot of things ready for that.

Q. There’s the possibility of you getting 1st place in the MVP race.

Since I’m that high, I do want to get 1st place, but I’m not to greedy for it. Anybody can get it if our team can become champions.

Q. Do you have any last comments?

Our team is practicing really hard, I wish we can maintain our best conditions so that we can become champions.

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