bbq Ghost: "IgNar likes to play champions that can make super plays and we trust him."

On March 15th (KST), in the 2018 LCK Spring Split, bbq Olivers played against SKT T1. After three close games, bbq miraculously defeated SKT 2-1. As of this match, SKT won’t be able to reach the playoffs on their own. Also, bbq took a step away from the relegation match.

After the interview, bbq’s captain and top laner Craz, ADC Ghost and the head coach Kim Ga-ram were interviewed.

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Q. It was an awesome match. How do you feel?

Crazy: If we lost today, I think we really would have had a hard time. Now, the two other teams should be getting nervous.

Q. It’s your first MVP this season. How do you feel?

Ghost: I haven’t been picked as MVP for so long. It feels really awkward.

Q. How did the head coach feel?

Kim: We did well in games 1 and 3, but I had a hard time watching game 2. It’s a relief that we won.

Q. What kind of attitude did you have on today’s match?

Kim: If we lost today, there’s a high chance for us having to go the relegation match. I thought that if we lose, we’re really going to the relegation match.

Q. (To Crazy) Did you know your head coach was thinking that?

Crazy: (Laughs)

Q. In game 1, you performed very well with Camille. Did you think that you’ll win?

Crazy: I got confident after fighting a bit in the laning phase.

Q. It seems like the team is backing you up, letting you play what you want to play.

Crazy: Before, they wanted me to play tank, but recently, they let me play what I want to play.

Q. Your macro game today was really good. Did everything go as intended?

Crazy: I think it was alright except a few minor mistakes. In the last game, the mistake at the dragon or shotcalls for Baron was a bit regretful.

Q. (To Ghost) What did you think was the key point of today’s match?

Ghost: Recently, my performance was very cowardlike. I thought that there’s nothing to lose, so I played more aggressively even jumping forward several times. I think it went well because I played more boldly.

Q. Game 2 was also going well but you lost. What do you think?

Crazy: Actually, I don’t really remember what I did in game 2.

Ghost: I remember the game, but I don’t remember why the game was turned around.

Kim: I think I did say something after the game…

Q. Why did you pick Ornn in game 3?

Crazy: I thought the team was lacking CC and our DPS was strong enough.

Q. How was playing against top Cassiopeia?

Crazy: I wanted to put pressure on her, and maybe get a solo kill on her, but I just played normal because of the risk. There wasn’t any pressure on me.

Q. Normally, Rakan goes with Xayah. IgNar plays Rakan even without Xayah very often. How is he?

Ghost: IgNar likes to play champions that can make super plays and we trust him, so everybody understands.

Q. Did that thought that you have nothing to lose help in today’s match?

Ghost: It helped a lot. I think playing aggressively is really good.

Q. Tempt had 0 wins with Azir. Were you aware?

Kim: We played Azir very often during practice and it was quite alright. Tempt was just unlucky in the competitions. I’ve seen an article saying if you want an easy win over bbq, give Tempt Azir. It hurt, but I thought if we just make a few improvements, good results will follow.

Q. We’ve heard that you drove a lot trying to sign IgNar and Trick.

Kim: At that time, I started driving at 6 PM and I drove about 3-4 hours to meet IgNar. After meeting IgNar, it led to meeting Trick as well. When I met Trick, it was 2 AM and I put him in my car and brought him.

Q. Do you have any last comments?

Crazy: We’ve seen hope in today’s match. We’ll prepare well and make good results.

Ghost: There’s something that I always wanted to say. I want to thank everyone that cheered me up even though I wasn’t performing well. It really helped me a lot. I want to do my best for those people.

Kim: First, I want to thank the players and coaching staff because of doing so well. Also, thank you to all the fans who cheered for us at this late time.


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