MVP Pilot: "When I was in EU and China, I taught the other players a lot, and I also learned a lot by teaching."

On the 14th of March (KST), in the 2018 LCK Spring Split, MVP played against Kongdoo Monster (KDM). MVP had a hard time playing against KDM’s aggressive attacks but didn’t lose their concentration and won 2-1. As of today’s loss, KDM has to play the relegation match, and MVP took a step further from it.

After the match, MVP’s ADC Pilot, top laner ADD and head coach Kwon Jae-hwan were interviewed.


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Q. You won, how do you feel?

Pilot: Today’s match was really important. If we lost, there was a possibility of us going to the relegation match. It’s a relief that we won.

ADD: I wasn’t in a good condition today, but I played decently in all three games. I’m satisfied that I didn’t do bad today.

Kwon: It was kind of scary because if we lost, not only the players would shave their head, but the coaching staff had to too. Last year, we talked about shaving our heads but since I was sorry to have the players shave their heads, only I did. In today’s match, after the score became 1-1, they all performed really well; I guess they wanted to keep their hair. (Laughs)

Q. Did you think that you will have to shave your heads?

Pilot: It did bother me a bit. I was quite nervous today because of that. My performance was a bit off because of that.

ADD: In game 3, the fact really bothered me. I might lose all my hair.

Q. Compared to Round 1, in Round 2, MVP is performing a lot better. How do you think of that?

ADD: In Round 1, I died too often. I concentrated on not dying from the end of Round 1. I gave up the most solo kills to Ornn, so I tried to find good picks against Ornn and practiced by playing Ornn myself.

Q. Pilot is getting good evaluations from foreign countries.

Pilot: I’ve been abroad for quite a long time. When I was in EU and China, I taught the other players a lot, and  I also learned a lot by teaching. I think that’s all coming out now. In Round 1, Max and I didn’t have very good teamwork so we made a lot of mistakes, but now we know each other enough and we've gained good synergy. I think we’ll be even better in the summer.

Q. Did you know that you have the most penta-kills of the ADCs in the LCK?

Pilot: I have 3 excluding the preseason, and I’m tied with Bang. If I include the preseason, I have 4, then I have the most.

Q. Did you think that you’ll win while playing today?

Pilot: Since the opponents had Ornn, I thought we might lose because of the items if we go into the late game. Fortunately, we won before that.

Q. Today, the infernal drake came out really often. How was it?

ADD: I thought since both teams’ picks were all aimed for the late game, the early game was important, but we fell behind in the early game, so we had a hard time.

Q. You were telling Beyond something very strongly in between the matches. What did you talk about?

Kwon: The calls from mid lane and jungle weren’t very correspondant. I needed to deliver my thoughts in a short time, so it may have seemed that I was angry and talking strongly. It was an urgent situation for the following games.

Q. You picked Xayah-Rakan in game 3.

Pilot: We kept on being pushed back by Caitlyn in the laning phase and lost the drakes, so we thought we should take a more initiative pick. Max suggested Xayah-Rakan, and I agreed.

Q. What do you think about Gangplank?

ADD: If you leave Gangplank alone, the gold he accumulates is beyond control, and even when he’s alone in a lane, he can still help out the teamfights with his ult. He’s a champion that’s really hard to play against.

Q. Do you have any last comments?

Pilot: We’ll make more improvements in our performance to repay our fans that always support us. Thank you.

ADD: It may be really hard to get to the playoffs because we lost too much in Round 1, but we’ll come back with better performance by practicing a lot.

Kwon: We aren’t fully out of the danger of playing the relegation match yet, and we don’t know what will happen. Each match is really important, and we’ll always try to win one more game, one more match always.

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