KSV CoreJJ on Zyra: "I found her to be worth researching to bring out on stage"

On the 13th of March, the 36th day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split took place. On the 2nd series of the day, KSV defeated Jin Air Green Wings with a score of 2-1.

In game 1, KSV took the lead in the laning phase and started snowballing from the early-game, taking the victory. But in game 2, JAG played very aggressively and gradually widened the gold gap, eventually winning the match as a whole. It's also notable that SoHwan's Fiora was a step ahead of CuVee's Camille throughout most of game 2.

In game 3, KSV once again started the game advantageously. JAG attempted multiple times to ambush and catch unsuspecting KSV members, but KSV flexibly avoided their attacks, and whenever there was a teamfight, KSV won. KSV took all the dragons, and it was too much for JAG to endure CuVee's Gangplank and Crown's Vel'Koz. In the end, KSV takes the Baron and eventually, the game itself.

After the series, the two MVP titlists of today's match, CoreJJ and Crown, were invited for an interview with the casters.


KSV Ambition: "SKT is a team that won't surprise anyone if they suddenly become the best again"

How do you feel taking that victory?

CoreJJ: It's another game that almost hit 12 AM, so I'm pretty exhausted. But I'm glad that we won. If we had lost that match, it would've really affected me in a bad way.

Crown: It was really fun. Although I'm pretty tired -- as we had played a very long series -- I watched our team's mistakes and considered how we should fix them. It was really fun.

In game 1, 4 of the 6 champions who will have your team's World Championship skins were played. Were you satisfied with the games?

CoreJJ: After picks and bans, I asked my teammates, "Isn't this our skin composition?" We had Gnar, Taliyah... I told the team that since we're going to be playing these champions, let's play confidently. It feels good that the game went well.

Normally, CoreJJ is a calm and quiet person on camera. Is he like that towards his teammates as well?

Crown: What you see is just him taking care of his public image. (Laughs) In truth, he's a very fun person that tries his best to look as bright as possible even in the toughest of situations. 

CoreJJ: Uhm... thanks. (Laughs)

Your team played Xayah-Rakan and had performed at a very high level. Many people are rating this duo, "overpowered." What're your opinions?

CoreJJ: Xayah-Rakan is indeed a good combination, but it's not something that's unstoppable. But the duo does apply a ton of pressure on the enemy botlane due to their huge kill potential. 

In game 1, wherever there was a fight, you guys played it well. 

CoreJJ: The enemy team was desperate, so it was obvious that they were going to initiate first. We played with a mindset that we just have to endure and counter the enemy to win.

From Crown's perspective, how was game 1?

Crown: Despite having made a lot of mistakes, we made many plays that showed off our great teamwork. So in a way, it was a pretty clean game.

Today, while in-game, you failed to finish a blue buff once and Ambition ended up taking it. Did you make that mistake due to the pressure that you were feeling?

Crown: I was trying to take the blue buff and return to lane as soon as possible -- so I rushed and ended up not taking it. Ambition ended up taking more experience, so I didn't think too much of it.

After losing game 2, what kind of feedback went back and forth between your teammates?

CoreJJ: The flow that we had in game 2 wasn't too terrible, but we did make a number of big mistakes; so we played with a mindset of reducing the number of mistakes in game 3.

The flow of the match felt very natural today. What do you think, Crown?

Crown: I played the match today as if I'm playing 'Go' -- making one move at a time. 

Crown, you're well known for having said a lot of wise sayings. Last time, you've said, "I envy storms. They have a set path and destination." 

Crown: I don't remember saying that. (Laughs)

Zyra makes an appearance once in a while in high-tier ranked games. Is she still a useful pick?

CoreJJ: I guess I'm a part of that "once in a while". There are a lot of people that use Zyra to climb, so I tried it myself. I found her to be worth researching to bring out on stage.

Crown, which moment from game 3 do you remember the most?

Crown: The mistakes that I made... Near the outer turret in botlane, I yelled, "Kill Wraith, kill Wraith!" and recklessly ran in.

Near the Baron pit, Vel'Koz landed its ultimate on most of the enemy players, winning the fight as a result. What kind of calls were made at the time?

Crown: Everyone was pressed on the fight, so they all made calls towards focusing certain enemy champions.

- Haru was invited to the interview and was given anime figures as a gift -
* Haru is famous for being a fan of Japanese anime *

There are many fans that are waiting in anticipation to see you play. Is there anything that you want to say to them?

Haru: I'm practicing hard. When I get the chance to play on stage, I'll show a good performance.

CoreJJ and Crown, is there something that you want to receive as a gift, too?

CoreJJ: Nothing that I can think of as of now.

Crown: I want to receive 10~20 VIP tickets [for my acquaintances] on the April 14th match -- the Finals.

Are you saying that KSV will advance to the Finals?

Crown: Of course. Make sure the tickets are VIP seats.

Your next opponent is SKT. Is there anything you want to say in regard to that?

CoreJJ: We'll be competing against SKT for the playoffs. Our goal right now is to enter the playoffs and do well there, so we'll have to perform well in all of our games until then.

Crown: Since we lost to them in Round 1, we'll have our revenge in Round 2.

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