Bdd on Kingzone Bromance: "GorillA's eyes when it's staring at PraY... are a bit strange. He looks at PraY very sweetly and deeply"

Kingzone DragonX is continuing to dominate the LCK scene -- a tiger being no match for a dragon.

On the 13th of March, Kingzone DragonX defeated ROX Tigers with a score of 2-1.

Many brutal fights took place in both games 1 and 2. PraY displayed high-level plays while playing Ashe in game 1, while Sangyoon did the same on Xayah in game 2.

Game 3 was also an exchange of blows from both sides. As Bdd took the lead in the midlane, Lindarang did the same for ROX in the toplane. But later on in the game, Kingzone took back the lead through skirmishes. With the CC-heavy composition that KZ had picked, they won two teamfights near Baron, securing the victory.

After the series, the two MVP titlists of the match, PraY and Bdd were invited for an interview with the casters.

How do you feel after taking that victory?

PraY: I let out a sigh. The enemy team played really well in game 3.

Bdd: I'm feeling lightheaded because I yelled so much. I'm glad that we won.

What did you yell?

Bdd: "Cass, Cass!" and "Varus! Varus!" 

PraY: "Doo Doo Doo!" (The sound of Sion's attacks) He was making these types of noises, despite being dead most of the time... (Laughs)

Game 1 was a very long game, a type of game that KZ rarely plays. Can you tell us about it?

PraY: We made a lot of mistakes during the laning phase, and that drew out the game. We needed to play a long game in order to make a comeback, so I'm satisfied that we were able to -- we were at a disadvantage in the early-game.

You played outstandingly with Ashe. 

PraY: She is a pick that I really like and enjoy. She was a good pick for that game, so the laning phase turned out well. It's just a bit disappointing that I made a mistake later on -- I used my ult on Sejuani near the raptors, but the enemy counter-attacked and it put us in a bad spot. That's why the game was really drawn-out.

In game 1, you guys won the fight that took place in the botlane. What kind of calls were made at the time?

PraY: I felt that GorillA was luring the enemy for a fight, so I prepared beforehand. It was also a good timing for Peanut's Skarner to arrive... but the enemy team was sharp. If GorillA had used Tahm's E to soak up a bit more damage, it would've been a good fight. It's unfortunate that he died quickly due to CC.

What kind of feedback did you give to your team before the start of game 2?

Bdd: If we don't make any mistakes, I felt that we can quickly snowball to win. So I told the team to stop making mistakes. 

Out of the many plays that you made today, which one was the most exciting?

Bdd: In game 1, near Baron, I remember a moment where I ulted both Kog'Maw and Ryze with Azir.

In the early-game of game 3, you killed Cassiopeia. Wasn't that pretty exciting?

Bdd: I thought you were talking about game 1... In game 3, the final fight in front of the Baron was the most exciting. Everyone was yelling, "Let's kill more! More!"

GorillA shared macaroons with the fans today.

PraY: Normally, GorillA always wakes up late on an LCK day. But today, he woke up early to prepare the macaroons. I felt that his devotion is incredible.

▲ Macaroons for the fans (Source: GorillA's Twitter page)

(Fans' Question) Tomorrow is White Day(Similar to Valentine's day). If everybody on your team is a girl, who would GorillA give candy to?

Bdd: Wouldn't GorillA give them to PraY because he's sexy? (Laughs)

PraY: I think he'd give them to Bdd, the treasure-like player of Kingzone...

Why do you think that GorillA would give the candy to PraY?

Bdd: GorillA's eyes when it's staring at PraY... are a bit strange. He looks at PraY very sweetly and deeply.

PraY: Don't say anything that you can't handle... (Laughs)

Any last words for the fans?

PraY: We played a difficult game today, but I heard that if we win just one of the three remaining matches, we'll go straight to the Spring Finals. We'll do our best to achieve that.

Bdd: Today's match was very hard. We'll win our next game as well and be placed in the Spring Finals.

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