KZ PraY: "I'm in charge of having the sexiest height"

On the 35th day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split, Kingzone DragonX defeated bbq Olivers with a score of 2-0. 

Kingzone DragonX has been safeguarding the 1st place position of the Spring Split with near flawless skills and tactics. The famous PrillA duo plays a big part in their success; as the botlane have almost always performed well, regardless of any given situation in a game. And from the two, we ran into an opportunity to hear from today's MVP player, PraY.

The most handsome player in the LCK, PraY, has been gaining a lot of new nicknames recently -- and now, he's earned the title, "Sexy," as well. Let's take a look!

You guys are still running in 1st place. How do you feeling having won that game?

Two teams are following close behind our trail; at a very scary pace. It feels good that we've widened the lead through today's victory and that we've taken it with a score of 2-0. We've further solidified our 1st place position. 

You have the least amount of MVP points between your teammates. Do you ever feel the want to get more?

Our team has to win in order to receive the MVP titles, so I don't have any complaints. I'm actually very satisfied that the MVP points are being distributed relatively evenly among the players in our team. 

Is there a player in the team that made you feel, "If it wasn't for this player, I would have gotten more MVP points."?

Not really.

For me, receiving the MVP title is all about gaining the opportunity to do an interview. Also, it's only fair for the player that performed well to receive the MVP title. I'm thankful to have received some -- being able to participate in the interview. The MVP interview is another way of showing your face one last time on screen, and it's also a very fun experience. 

The competition in each lane seems very fierce. Is there a certain botlane duo that is very threatening?

It's different every year, but if I'm told to pick a team that has players with great a laning phase, I'd pick Jin Air Green Wings.

Judging by your play history, which champion would you consider your signature pick?

I've played a ton of Ezreal... I do want to pick Ezreal, but I play whatever is great in the meta... so I feel like "do I have to pick one?"

You're not only getting close to the Finals of the LCK but MSI as well. How does it feel?

When Peanut joined, he brought the "Let's go to MSI!" atmosphere with him. It feels like we're taking one step at a time to reach our goal -- it feels good. However, we won't drop our guard.

It's been a while since Longzhu was rebranded to Kingzone. What has changed?

Uhm... nothing has really changed.

Everyone is being well-supported. The factor of "uneasiness" that existed last year is now gone. But there aren't any very large changes.

Bdd has titled you, "Sexy Jong-in." Do you like that name?

I don't know why he's calling me that, but it really sticks to your tongue. It really rolls off my tongue when the word sexy is involved. I've been using that word since it's fun using it, sexy.

What's your sexiest point?

I'm in charge of having the sexiest height.

He is the tallest player in LCK.

Any last words?

There are only a few games remaining before we're guaranteed our spot in the Finals. We'll do our best until then. Thank you for cheering for us.

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