KZ PraY on Buying Aegis of the Legion: "It wasn’t a joke, I asked for permission to all the teammates."

On the 11th of March (KST), in the 2018 LCK Spring Split, Kingzone DragonX (KZ) played against bbq Olivers. KZ dominated the whole game and shut out bbq 2-0. They secured their lead at 1st place. In game 1, KZ was shook up in the early bbq aggressive attacks, but managed to get back on their feet and won with outstanding teamwork. Game 2 was a set stage for KZ. They destroyed the bbq Nexus in 25 minutes and collected their 12th victory.

After the match, KZ mid laner Bdd and ADC PraY were voted as MVPs and were interviewed.


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Q. You won today, how do you feel?

Bdd: Every match is important, and I feel good because we won. I’ll continue to do my best.

Q. You finally got another MVP today.

PraY: I didn’t know that I’ll become MVP, it feels like you wanted to interview me and gave me MVP just to call me up here. (Laughs)

Q. About the games today, how was Azir in game 1?

Bdd: It was really hard at first. But we said that if we go into the late game, we’ll be winning, so we just said let’s play slow.

Q. I’ve heard that Bdd gets really nervous when being interviewed.

Bdd: Do I? I think it’s alright, with all the cameras.

Q. Which angle do you like best when being recorded?

Bdd: I think this angle (front) is good enough. (Laughs) Maybe it’ll be better if my nose is caught on camera bigger.

Q. In game 2, everyone was good, but there were several very long teamfights. When we were watching, we thought that you might lose your concentration. How was it?

PraY: There were many long fights, and it was hard to concentrate. I just think that it’s a relief that we won. We intended short and quick teamfights, but the opponents kept on clinging to our backs so we couldn’t help it.

Q. PraY bought Aegis of the Legion today. Why did you buy it?

PraY: Well, it is needed to buy Banner of Command, and when I went to the well, I had exactly that amount of gold. It was the most efficient item that I can buy at that moment. It wasn’t a joke, I asked for permission to all the teammates. (Laughs)

Q. You won a 1v2 fight in game 2.

PraY: The opponents weren’t bloodthirsty at that fight. I just thought I’ll hit them a few times while chasing them.

Q. Can you sense that? Your opponent being bloodthirsty?

PraY: When I saw Taric move backwards, I thought that it’s alright to chase them. After I killed Tristana, I didn’t really feel proud, I was kind of surprised, saying ‘What? Huh? I killed him!’

Bdd: I was watching to see if I needed to use Galio’s ult, but it was just sexy PraY being sexy. (Laughs)

Q. This is a question from the fans. How much MVP points do you think you deserve? (To PraY) You currently have 200 points and is last of the KZ members.

PraY: 1 is the best number. My number is the closest to that, so. (Shrugs smiling)

Bdd: I was first in the team last year. I want to do it again this year too, but I think I need more.
(Bdd is currently 1st within the team at 700 points.)

Q. Do you have any last comments to the fans?

Bdd: Every match is important for us now. I’ll do my best to perform better.

PraY: We did have some moments that drew worries, but we’re in first place anyways. We’ll continue to perform better and maintain the performance up to the finals.


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