KSV Coach Trace: "CuVee's strength as a toplaner is that he eats well and is healthy. He always takes good care of himself"

KSV defeated KT with a score of 2-1. The victory today was worth more, as it was against one of the strongest teams in the LCK. The KT today was the same team that had beaten SKT; they were more than formidable for KSV.

KSV had lost in game 1... but in game 2, KSV overtook KT and had won, although it was a rather close game. In the following game 3, KSV was nearly defeated, but the players of KSV maintained focus and gave it their all, netting them the win in the end.

After the series, the sole MVP titlist of today's series, CuVee, and KSV's coach, Trace, was invited for an interview with the OGN casters.

How do you feel about today's victory?

CuVee: Today was a good day.

Did you expect yourself to receive the MVP title today?

CuVee: I had a feeling that I'd receive one for game 2. But honestly speaking, I didn't know that I was also going to receive one for game 3. 

It has been a while, Trace. Please introduce yourself to the others.

Trace: I'm KSV's coach, Yuh Chang-Dong.

What kind of a coach is Trace on a regular basis?

CuVee: We're busy insulting each other. People have been saying that he's a great person, but I'm not too sure...

Trace: I don't think CuVee remembers too much about 2015... (Laughs) I mess around with him a lot back in the teamhouse.

How was today's match?

Trace: Honestly speaking, I was a bit worried. But to be fair, recently, I've been always worried, whenever I watched them play. (Laughs) But I'm glad that we won today.

How was it playing against Rumble?

CuVee: To be honest, I was a bit surprised. But he's a pick that I've seen frequently during my time as a professional player, so it was okay. But unfortunately, we still lost.

I think they were also considering the idea of picking Kled.

CuVee: Kled's strengths and weaknesses are very clear; he needs to snowball from the early-game because if you can't, he becomes a very risky pick.

Do you have any ideas on picks too, Trace?

Trace: Telling the players to play something doesn't always bring the results that you expect. It only becomes a waste of time if I just order them to play something. I think it's more correct to build compositions around CuVee's champion-pool.

What kind of feedback did you give for game 2?

Trace: I had thought that we were at an advantage in game 1. KT seemed like they were rushing, but so were we. I was worried that the players were going to feel down when I give them this feedback, but thankfully, it worked out okay.

Today, the two toplaners fought constantly -- very aggressively. Why did it come to that?

CuVee: We couldn't find the opportunity to pick a tank champion. I think that's why the both of us played DPS champions.

A lot of people have been talking about Crown. Why is he playing champions like Vel'Koz and Karma?

Trace: You can see by the way Crown plays Vel'Koz; he's good. We have faith in him, and that's why we allow him to play it. As for Karma, she's a pick that we had prepared. There are a lot of items currently that really benefit her. She can also nullify Gangplank's ultimate with her AoE shield.

Trace used to be a toplaner in the LCK, so he must have a good eye out for other toplaners. What is CuVee's biggest strength?

Trace: He eats well and is healthy? He always takes good care of himself. 

How about you CuVee? What's your opinion?

CuVee: I think it's my mentality. I always keep a positive mentality.

Give Trace a compliment.

CuVee: (Laughs) He really knows the game and has a good perspective on it. He also gives great feedback...

You've defeated a very strong team today. Please say a word for the fans.

CuVee: We've been underperforming for a while now. But slowly, we're getting back there, so please continue to watch us. Thank you.

Trace: As CuVee had said, we've been practicing a lot lately, and have also had kept a positive mindset. Please watch over us. Thank you.

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