JAG UmTi: "Our head coach told me that he was going to personally shave my head if we had lost today"

On the 10th of March, at the Sangam eStadium, the 34th day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split took place. On the 1st series of the day, JAG defeated MVP with a score of 2-1. On this day, UmTi played Sejuani on both of their winning games and displayed fantastic teamwork with Grace.

The following is the post-match interview with UmTi.

How does it feel securing this important victory?

It feels like we've escaped the Promotion games through today's win, so it feels great. We can now look forward to making playoffs.

Had you lost today, it would've been very difficult for your team to make playoffs. How did you prepare for today's match?

We told each other to just play as we did in practice. We played with a mindset of ignoring the position in standings of the teams that we're facing. 

In game 1, the enemy team picked Ziggs. How were you able to win that game despite having such a surprise pick used against you.

The enemy team had a midlane Ziggs and a jungle Zac. We took full advantage of the fact that their 2 vs 2 was weaker than ours.

In game 2, Skarner was a bit lacking. UmTi seemed to have lost concentration.

We dropped our concentration because of the pause. Our headsets were removed... and many other things worked against us. Also, we were a bit poor in the briefing part of communication.

You guys still have hopes of making playoffs this split. You have a lot of strong teams awaiting your challenge. Do you have any predictions?

All of our remaining opponents are top teams. We have no choice but to prepare well for them.

Many people question Skarner -- on whether he's a good pick or not. What kind of a champion is he?

His usefulness changes depending on your playstyle. I don't believe him to be a bad champion though. I just played really badly. 

Despite being on patch 8.4, JAG is still extremely skilled in taking disadvantageous games to the late-game.

The biggest reason we make it into the late-game so often is that our DPS players are great. Also, our decision-making becomes extremely good when we're put at a disadvantage. But in short games, I think we can make better decisions. (Laughs) Personally, for me, my concentration becomes stronger when the game plays to our favor.

Head coach Han said in another interview that he was going to shave his head with the players had your team lost today. What do you think about that?

I was going to obey, especially since my hair has grown out. He told me that he was going to personally shave my head.(Laughs)

Any last words?

We barely escaped Promotion games, and now we're competing for a spot in the playoffs. I want to thank all the fans that are cheering for us. Please continue to do so. Thank you.

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