KT Deft on Kai'Sa: "I like those weird, dirty, cunning champions so I think she’ll go well with me."

Today’s interview is with kt Rolster’s ADC, Kim “Deft” Hyuk-kyu. KT played against SKT T1 in Thursday’s 2018 LCK Spring Split. It was the big rival match between the two teams, and KT defeated SKT 2-0 and again claimed victory in round 2. After the match, we met with Deft and talked about the match and about him becoming 1st in solo queue.

Q. You beat SKT 2-0. How do you feel?

I wanted to get good results because I practiced really hard, and the team also practiced really hard. I’m happy with what we’ve accomplished.

Q. Ucal played in game 1 and Pawn played in game 2. What’s the difference between them?

Ucal is more confident when fighting and Pawn plays balanced. I think they’re both good.

Q. Your opponent played Sivir with Unsealed Spellbook. What do you think of that?

If you change lanes using Unsealed Spellbook in the late game, it’s very convenient, so I also use it a lot.

Q. Mata protected the ADC very impressively in game 2. How was it?

He’s always done that during practice. Thanks to him, I can save my spells for more critical situations.

Q. Today, Smeb was voted MVP in both games. You’re quite high in the MVP ranking, don’t you also want to become MVP?

Before, I always got MVP, but now we are all getting it. I think it’s better now. Today, Smeb was really good. If he gets MVP and becomes more confident, it would be better for me as a teammate.

Q. You hit 1st in solo queue yesterday. I think it made you more confident.

I always hit 1st at one point during the season before. I’m satisfied because I did it again this season. I thought to myself, ‘I’ve still got it’.

Q. Kai’Sa was recently released. Did you try playing her?

I played her once before going to bed. She seems really fun. I want to try more.

Q. How was she?

Kai’Sa is really fun to play because she’s different from the other champions. I like those weird, dirty, cunning champions so I think she’ll go well with me. (Laughs)

Q. Xayah’s tier is really high recently. Do you have any tips for playing her?

Actually, there aren’t many tips for Xayah. She’s really OP when played with Rakan. If you play duo in ranked games, the support player would probably play Rakan. Xayah is still good on her own, but with Rakan, the game can go a lot better. Play her with Rakan.

Q. You have similar solo queue nicknames with Mata, Matamohamnika, Deftmohamnika (Meaning Mata what are you doing, Deft what are you doing). Why did you make it like that?

I usually use anything that’s written around me without thinking. This time, Mata said that he wanted to have matching nicknames, so we discussed what nicknames we should use. But except for those names, everything Mata suggested was so weird.

Q. Your next match is against KSV. Any comments?

KSV stumbled recently, but they’re still a strong team. We’ll prepare well and do our best to win 2-0. Thank you.


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