KT Mata on Deft: "He hit 1st in solo queue while he was playing duo with me."

On the 8th of March, in the 2018 LCK Spring Split, SKT T1 played against kt Rolster. KT defeated SKT 2-0. In both games 1 and 2, Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong did his role as a supporter very well and contributed to the team’s victory.

The following is the interview with Mata.

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Q. You beat SKT T1 2-0. How do you feel?

I felt good after beating them in Round 1 2-1. I feel better today because we won 2-0.

Q. It was an important rivalry match.

I wasn’t at my best condition today; I felt kind of blank. I was worried about that, but after the match started, I was able to concentrate because I didn’t have many thoughts.


Q. Your condition wasn’t good?

I was a bit tired, and I just felt blank, maybe because I was nervous. I think I had a slight fever too.

Q. Do you think you turned over the rivalry against SKT?

I made a lot of mistakes in matches against SKT more often than other matches. I felt less nervous because we won the last time. Now I focus on staying cool and calm against SKT T1 and any other team.

Q. Why did both of your two mid laners (Ucal, Pawn) play today?

I don’t know why they both played today, I guess the coaches wanted to prove that they are both eligible players that can perform well any time.

Q. How is it different as a team with each player?

We aim at the same thing as a team; there’s not much difference between the two.

Q. Smeb became MVP in both games today. You played quite well today as well, don’t you think you deserved to be MVP?

Smeb did well, and I did alright. I think Smeb became MVP because he made super plays that were aggressive and I just had many defensive saves. It’s a bit regretful but it doesn’t really matter.

Q. You’re very close to Kingzone who’s in 1st place.

Even if we win all of the remaining matches, we need Kingzone’s loss to become first. We need to win against KSV and Kingzone to become first place.


Q. Deft became 1st in Solo queue recently.

He hit 1st in solo queue while he was playing duo with me. I think he was lucky. I personally wanted to climb the ladder more, but after he hit first, he wanted to play duo with me playing his account that was in Diamond 5. Are you kidding me? (Laughs) I think he needs to do better to maintain 1st.

Q. Do you have any last comments?

We always stayed around 2nd and 3rd. I want to end the season at the top of the leaderboard this time. Even if we aren’t able to get to first place, we’ll prepare well to get to the finals.

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