KT Smeb on Deft Hitting 1st in Solo Queue: "He still has far to go."

KT Rolster defeated SKT T1 2-0 and collected their 10th win. In game 1, KT started rookie Ucal and took the win with the outstanding performance of Smeb and Ucal. In game 2, Smeb again delivered marvelous performance. He picked Camille and outplayed Untara’s Jax to lead his team to victory.

Smeb was voted as MVP in both games and was interviewed along with KT coach Jung Je-seung (Jung). The following is the interview.


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Q. How do you feel being the MVP today?

Smeb: It’s the first time I’ve gotten MVP at OGN. I feel very good.

Q. How would you evaluate the players’ performance today?

Jung: I’m very satisfied with their performance. Especially the two mid laners played well.

Q. Ucal started today. As a veteran, what do you say to him?

Smeb: Well, Ucal is really young, but he’s a lot more mature than his age, so I can’t tease him like I tease Pawn and Deft. He’s really good and trustworthy.

Q. In game 1, Ucal made a mistake of jumping at three opponents. Did you say anything?

Smeb: Actually, that was my mistake. I thought that I had Teleport and I told him that I’ll be back. After recalling, I realized that I didn’t have Teleport.

Jung: Sometimes there’s this player that fakes his own teammates, and today (Looks at Smeb). When I was watching the match, I thought that Ucal was being greedy.

Q. You have a long career now. What do you think when you look at Ucal?

Smeb: I’ve never thought that I’m old, but after seeing Ucal, I thought that I was in the scene for quite long.

Q. You played well with Gnar in game 1 and the last teamfight was impressive.

Smeb: Ryze was following me, and I trusted my teammates in the teamfight, so I just tried to do what I needed to do.

Q. How do you decide which items to buy?

Smeb: When the team needs split pushers, I buy items that can make myself aggressive, and I go defensively when we seek teamfights.

Q. Which do you do more, compliment players or give feedback after a win?

Jung: I’m a person that likes to praise the players, I tell them they did well if they did, and even if they weren’t, I tell them it’s okay. After game 1, I applauded Smeb and Ucal the most. I know that Ucal must have been nervous, but he did well.

Q. We’ve heard that Pawn has health issues. How is he?

Jung: It’s not that Pawn’s severely sick or anything; he’s a bit exhausted mentally because he has had a long run in the scene. He’s getting better now.

Q. How was the Camille-Jax matchup in game 2?

Smeb: It wasn’t easy, but I trusted my teammates.

Q. Smeb’s Camille is kind of infamous.

Jung: Last year, I saw Smeb hesitating when Camille was needed, but this year, there’s no problem. It’s a trustworthy pick now.

Q. Score’s Olaf was really good today.

Smeb: Score is really good these days. I expect him to become better.

Q. Isn’t Score’s career longer than yours? (Laughs)

Smeb: I know. (Laughs) Anyway, he’s really good, so I play without worrying about him.

Q. You canceled Teleport and killed Jax. Did you cancel it because you thought that you didn’t need to help the bottom lane or was it because you saw Jax in front of you?

Smeb: I was watching the bottom lane and thought that I didn’t need to go. That moment, I saw Jax was in front of me, so I just killed him. (Laughs)

Q. Fans knew that KT was strong at the laning phase, but not that good at teamfights. What’s the coach’s opinion?

Jung: Our teamfights became really good. We did try to practice teamfighting during scrims. Even during the off-season, we really practiced a lot.

Q. Who would be your personal MVP for today?

Jung: I would say Pawn. I’m very proud of him that he overcame his emotional issues.

Q. Recently, Deft hit No.1 in solo queue. What do you think?

Smeb: Deft is acting up after that, thinking he’s good. I think he still has far to go. (Laughs)

Jung: Doesn’t Deft have the most deaths today? (Laughs) I think he kept the balance between the two teams in today’s match.

Q. Your next match is against KSV. Any comments?

Smeb: Although we won today, I know that KSV won’t be easy. We’ll prepare well and do our best to get up to first place.

Jung: We’ve been following head coach Oh Chang-jong for 4 months now. The players put in a lot of effort. I want to thank the head coach, I’ve learned a lot from him. Now is an important time, we’ll do our best and maintain our performance to get to MSI.

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