CLG Huhi: "I want to remind everyone why my Aurelion Sol is a must ban against me."

By beating Team Liquid and Cloud9, CLG has shown they are knocked down but still not out of the fight.

Against all odds, CLG has finally come back. With only a handful of games left, the pressure is on for CLG to not let even one win slip off their grasp. In the past 2 games with the new patch, Huhi, CLG’s mid laner, has performed spectacularly. Playing consistent and assisting his team when needed, Huhi is a mid laner to be wary of.

With everything on the line, CLG has to win every game left in the regular season in order to qualify for playoffs. After the game against Cloud9, Inven Global interviewed Huhi. Let’s see what Huhi has to say about the road for CLG, Reignover, and his Aurelion Sol.

¤ How do you feel about getting 2 consecutive wins in week 7?

For the majority of the season, it was very frustrating for us. This is because, we always did well in scrims but always fell over on stage. It felt refreshing to go 2-0 in a tough week against TL and Cloud9. It gave us hope that CLG could still make it to playoffs.

¤ Why do you think CLG has had such a hard time?

In the beginning of the season, we brought in Vincent (Biofrost) and lost Aphromoo. In a communication sense, everything changed. The shot caller position moved from what once was Aphromoo’s job to mine. Because we were over complicating the communication system for our team, we had to do a complete overhaul. We decided to have both me and Vincent shot calling. Because I felt like I was always delivering someone else's shot call, I never felt certainties with any of my own calls. In order to fix this coming into this week, we all decided to give all the shot calling to Vincent. Thankfully, it felt like we have finally found the right direction.

¤ So are you saying that before, the shot calling was a bit unclear?

Yeah. Since two people were shot calling, it would be confusing at times. There would be a lot of instances where we would not know what to do. This makes it much more difficult to carry out the game well.

¤ Other than CLG winning 2-0, what catches my eye is the fact that CLG won 2 games in a row in the new patch. Do you think the patch had some influence?

I think in this patch, mid lane has gotten a lot more power and influence. In my opinion, I am obviously glad about this change. This patch gives me more potential to carry my team. The bot lane also got a boost in this patch. Since CLG does play around the bot side a lot, I think games are going a lot smoother.

¤ Has CLG generally agreed to now only focus on the bot side?

Although it does depend on picks/bans, we do believe that focusing on bot side is the best way to approach the game. Before in a lot of our games, we would have trouble with teams getting dragon, towers, and map control on the bot side. Now we are trying our best to resolve these issues.

¤ Because of the 2-0 week, has your team’s atmosphere and vibe improved a lot?

Unlike other teams, CLG would not be able to make it to playoffs if we lost even one game. In dire situations like this, all of my teammates kept cheering each other and saying that we can make it. It does feel really nice. Although losing one game will be the end of playoffs for us, my team has the mindset of going as far as we can.

¤ Do you ever get the feeling of “Damn, we could have easily beaten them” when things don’t go as well as they hoped?

Yeah. When I first started to play with Reignover, we clicked so well. I felt very satisfied that I was playing with a jungler that synergized well with me. When we first started scrimming, we both had a lot of confidence. We would say things like “Oh wow their mid jungle synergy is so bad compared to ours” (laughs). I think we still have that level of confidence. I personally believe Reignover is the best jungler in NA, and Reignover also believes I am the best mid laner.

¤ Since the patch changes, the game has moved towards rewarding teams that have better mid jungle synergy compared to top jungle synergy. It is also more important now to roam as well. Since CLG is also strong in the mid jungle synergy, do you think CLG will do well in this current patch?

Yes, I agree. CLG has always had a strong mid jungle synergy. In my opinion, CLG has a better understanding of how to roam well compared to other teams in the league. After games, Reignover and I always look through the VODS to see how we can improve on these aspects. I believe if we keep at it, CLG might be able to see the light.

¤ When talking about roaming, we cannot forget about your Aurelion Sol. Do you think there is now a higher chance for us to see your Aurelion Sol?

It always feels amazing when the opponent bans out my Aurelion Sol. However recently, I haven’t seen anyone ban him. I want to remind everyone why my Aurelion Sol is a must ban against me.

¤ Despite going 2-0, CLG is only one loss away from being unable to qualify for playoffs. Is there anything you want to say to your team or fans about the upcoming games?

I want to say that we have gotten a lot of stress due to not being able to meet everyone’s expectations. However, my team has always had the “We can do it” mindset. I think the fans also like how CLG was at the bottom but still had the mindset to climb. I only ask our fans to stick by us on this dangerous but yet fun road ahead of us.

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